Blog Roundup: HHS Boasts Three National Merit Semi-Finalists

See what some Patch bloggers are saying this week.

Huntington seniors Aron Coraor, Jesse Feldman-Stein and Brian Gilbert are National Merit semi-finalists.
Huntington seniors Aron Coraor, Jesse Feldman-Stein and Brian Gilbert are National Merit semi-finalists.
Patch bloggers take time out of their busy days to let you know about some things going on in their neck of the woods. Here, we've gathered what a few of them from around the area had to say. (If you'd like to start your own blog on Patch, click on the Blogs tab at the top of this page and then click on "Start your own Blog")

HHS Boasts Three National Merit Semi-Finalists

Huntington High School outperformed most Long Island high schools, including many of its neighbors by producing three National Merit scholarship program semi-finalists. The designation places Aron Coraor, Jesse Feldman-Stein and Brian Gilbert, among an elite group of American high school students.

“No Taper”…What’s Next?

The Fed gave the markets a surprise this week and left some people scratching their heads.  If you had not seen the news, it was widely anticipated that the Fed would start its tapering process, which in essence would have meant a scaling back of its program to buy back Treasuries which serves to act as a stimulus to the economy.  The estimate was that they would have reduced somewhere between $5 billion to $20 billion per month.  Well, at least for now that did not happen. 

Ladies, Listen to What Your Gut Is Telling You

That rumbling sound your stomach makes has a name: borborygmus. But hunger isn’t the only reason to listen to what your gut is telling you. For instance, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) strikes about twice as many women as men, and most often affects people under 45.

Homebody Photo Tip: Improve by Shooting More AND Shooting Less

Improve by shooting more and shooting less?  I suppose I should explain that!

A definite advantage of digital photography is that it costs virtually nothing to shoot a lot of photos once you buy the equipment.  So unlike film photography, right?  So, the temptation is to fire away and take a zillion shots of the same thing.

Resist this temptation.  Shoot more, but shoot more of different subjects.  Don’t just hammer away on one subject. 

East Northport Family Honored for Work to Preserve Local History

Hundreds of people turned out for the Huntington Historical Society’s 23rd annual “Evening of Wine Under the Stars.” 

The gala, held on  the grounds of the  Dr. Daniel W. Kissam property, honored three members of the Failey family.  Maurine, her son, Dean and his wife, Marie, all of East Northport, used their unique talents to foster the Huntington Historical Society’s endeavors and preserve and enrich our understanding of Long Island history. Four generations of Faileys were in attendance, including Dean and Marie’s daughter, Brooke and grandson, Pierson.


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