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Fairway Market to Open in Lake Grove on July 23

Blogs You May Have Missed: Growing Up on Long Island

A round up of local voices.


Holiday Health: How to Have Your Cake and Not Wear It Too

Balance your noshing with some exercise sayspersonal trainer Lily Zajc to keep the holiday pounds in check.

On The Road With Johnny B: The Amazing Story of the 70 MPG Dale Automobile

It's three wheel design was the invention of Dale Clift (who it was named after) Powered by a rear mounted two cylinder 850cc engine. Dale claimed over 70 mpg.  In  the OPEC induced fuel shortage of the early 1970s this car was going to be a savior for millions of people. Designed by Clift and financed by Carmichael prototypes were going to be built. Carmichael claimed she..”was ready to take on General Motors”

Fitness expert, says a workout buddy can help keep you motivated, dedicated and encouraged as you venture through the journey of living a healthy and fit lifestyle during the holidays and beyond.

Growing Up on Long Island

Life was a giant block party to the Baby Boomers who grew up on Long Island in the 1950s.  Popular historian Doris Kearns Goodwin remembers the open-door policy of her Rockville Centre neighbors: “we didn’t knock on doors.  We just raced in, gathering up our gang.” What memories do you have of your neighborhood growing up?


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