Downed Trees Block St. James Streets

Lake Avenue, Woodlawn both blocked in areas after Hurricane Sandy tore through the community.

For locals, gettign around St. James on Tuesday was a maze of sorts as huge trees downed by Hurricane Sandy blocked the town's main access roads and several side streets.

Huge trees block Lake Avenue south of Woodlawn, while another large tree has closed Woodlawn ahead of Mills Pond Elementary.

Side roads such as Astor Avenue are also blocked in places where trees lie across the roadways.Many of the trees caused damage to homes and cars in the area, including one house on Moriches Road where a tree took out a car and a portion of the home.

Other large trees toppled on to lawns, and residents were out by morning cutting their branches and piling the wood along the road.

See our gallery above. And it you have any other St. James photos, add them.

Jan Abagail November 04, 2012 at 10:57 AM
We are fortunate that in this part of St. James, near Lake & Woodlawn, our street has all services back on as of Friday morning - phones, electric, cable. Homes surrounded by big old trees have far worse damage than we sustained.


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