Faces of Smithtown: Tom Aveni of Town and Country Homes

Smithtown High School graduate Tom Aveni has taken his love of home design and helping people find a place to live and turned it into his career.

Meet Tom Aveni, director of marketing at Town and Country Homes in Smithtown and longtime resident of the town. Aveni said his job allows him to help people find the home of their dreams in a town he loves and has many fond memories.

What are your duties and your role with the company?

I came on to advertise for a lot of the rentals in the rental division because the head of the company, Olga Baram, does the marketing in new construction. My role was more or less to promote the rentals that come in and make sure that they’re out there on the Internet for people to contact us and then follow through with assigning different renters to the agents that work at Town and Country Homes.

I also contact owners of buildings that have rentals available and I match them up with agents also that can help them get their units rented. I’m kind of like a liaison between agents, owners, and perspective renters.

How did you become director at Town and Country homes? What was it that made you pursue this career?

I studied architecture in college at New York Tech and Old Westbury. I have been in marketing and advertising in Manhattan for many years. I lived in Midtown for 20 years and worked in the ad agency business. After that I moved to Port Washington and I was working at Publishers Clearing house and from there I worked in Smithtown at Town and County Homes because it was a new opportunity and I was always interested in real estate and home design and that type of thing. That led me to Olga who had the opening for marketing and that’s how I ended up in the position.

What memories do you have of Smithtown?

I actually started a Facebook group for the 1977 online yearbook about 2 years ago. Right now we have over 190 members and now a days people are meeting up for mini reunions. They just had one in Smithtown that I couldn’t go to but it was interesting because I don’t know if people would have found each other if I never started the group.

I have a million memories, I was very happy to grow up here. Millers Pond was a great place to go skating, Route 111 when it was a windy dirt road. When the mall was first built that was a big deal. It’s always been a great suburban place and hasn’t changed all that much since I was a kid. I moved here when I was only one year old but it still has the same values and small town mentality.

You can contact Tom at Town and Country homes at tom@tchomesofli.com or by calling 631-360-6484

Jonathan Bond August 18, 2011 at 07:37 PM
I love quality designed homes. I do a fair amount of remodeling and I cant tell you how obvious the difference between quality design and poor design really is.
KKM August 19, 2011 at 04:13 PM
Does anyone know someone who reasonably is able to create a design for an exterior front refurbishing (not a complete remodeling) for a 1930s Smithtown home, incorporating possibly brackets, decorative fascia, possible front door portico, interesting architectural details. The home is old, and I want to freshen it, but I need someone capable of creating a design tastefully in keeping with its era.


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