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Shelter Animal of the Week: Meet Millie

For a quiet but playful new friend, consider adopting Millie from the League for Animal Protection of Huntington.

Millie is a sweet 3-year-old pit bull mix with the who is ready to move in to a forever home. 

This young girl was found as a friendly stray who loves to be scratched and have her belly rubbed.

She is a personable dog who may be your new companion on your evening strolls, as she walks well on a lead. Millie has the playfulness of a puppy without the troublesome behaviors that are predominant in puppyhood. 

She has had some obedience training, and knows "sit" and "down." As an added plus for people with young children or neighbors nearby, Millie is a quiet dog and does not bark often.

Millie also gets along with both dogs and cats, and even met a ferret recently, so she would nicely compliment a home that already has pets. 

Millie is housetrained, spayed, and has had her rabies shot.

To contact the League for Animal Protection about Millie, or to inquire about any of their other dogs, call their dog department at 631-757-9373, or email them at dogs@laphuntington.org.

Carol Ryder Esq July 17, 2011 at 09:31 PM
I volunteered with the Leaugue for Animal Protection of Huntington quite extensively. I met the nicest, most dedicated people I ever met (and on the flip side, you should see the horrors we saw, things LAPH volunteers and other animal rescuers are forced to confront over and over but still they keep doing God's work). You should never even consider buying a pet-buying a pet means you have just killed a shelter dog. As for the pets, well, rescued dogs know where they came from, and are the most grateful pets you will ever meet. Plus, LAPH volunteers will be with you every step of the way, now, in the future and years later, helping to ensure a happy life for you and your adoptee(s).
Lyndsay McCabe July 17, 2011 at 10:54 PM
Thank you, Carol. I really do hope that people understand that shelter dogs are just as good (if not better) than a full-bred dog from a breeder. All of my dogs have been mutts - found as strays, given up as runts, or rescued from terrible conditions - and they are great pets and an important part of the family. I hope the League has lots of success!
Carol Ryder Esq July 18, 2011 at 02:43 AM
Thanks so much for helping these poor babies-my "kids" were also found in deplorable, near-dead conditions also (including one who is 56 but lying in the shelter, at 21 pounds, covered in diarhea, who the Town shelter worker said "ah, just get rid of her"-lucky I was there to say hi to some LAPH volunteers). And, if you MUST have a purebreed, remember, 25% of all dogs entering shelters are purebreeds. It may not appear that way because purebreed rescue groups pull them and they are more easily adopted. I happen to always had purebreed Boxers growing up but now prefer "Labbits" (Pits and Pit Mixes) because they are just like Boxers minus the cancer that is rampant in that breed, AND each one is unique-looking.
Carol Ryder Esq July 18, 2011 at 02:44 AM
Please also invite everyone you know to the free seminar "For Pet Lovers Only" which teaches animal law regular pet lovers must know-nothing boring or gruesome. July 28, 6:30-8:30, 3 Indian Head Rd, Commack 11725 see www.Carolryderlaw.com. Reservations suggested (library wants to know how to set-up). Oh, and for anyone who thinks pet lovers working to stop abuse are "flaky" remember the animal abuse:human violence connection. the Gilgo Beach Killer (even acc to FBI stats) started with animal abuse and made his way up the vulnerability chart. If you don't care about hookers, well, remember, a distracted homemaker loading her car in Costco in the dark back could be the next victim. Even U.S. Congressperson Steve Israel is working on a congressional animal abuse bill, and we all should do our part to make sure we attack animal abuse and other animal issues at the legislative level, something my law school interns, me, and many others are working on.


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