Smithtown Social: Brr, It's Freezing Outside

Smithtown residents share photos, tips on surviving cold snap via social media.

An Instagram photo of a cup of hot cocoa we want from Courtney.
An Instagram photo of a cup of hot cocoa we want from Courtney.
Smithtown residents have spent Tuesday bundled up inside, for the most part, to avoid record-low freezing temperatures in the single digits. 

But the cold can't stop them from socializing. 

Residents have taken to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media website to share their photos and tips for surviving the cold snap that's swept across Long Island. 

Some are sharing photos of them or their pets bundled up in blankets, while other bravely give into the cold with frozen treats in hand. Others have demonstrated what happens to boiling hot water when thrown outside in freezing temperatures. 

Scroll through the Storify above to see various Twitter, Facebook and Instagram updates about the cold snap from across Smithtown. 

Have a photo or funny story about the cold you'd like to share? 
Post it in our comments below. 


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