What Smithtown Corner Needs Immediate Help?

As a Patch blogger stirs up local frustrations, some suggest that the community can rally to clean up town one spot at a time.

A sharply worded " has gotten locals talking about town and the problems the area faces.

"So I've been a resident for a few years and thought that I was moving into a community that was a crown jewel for Suffolk County. Wow...was I wrong!!," the blogger wrote, pointing to issues such as litter, high taxes and drug abuse.

But while many commenters jumped in to highlight other area problems, commenter Kristie M offered a more constructive idea:

"Volunteer to clean up a beach or park. Get friends together with giant garbage bags and clean up the side of one road once a month or something. ... Realize that we have to be answer and start doing any one thing, even it's only an hour a week or a month."

So here's our question: What corner of Smithtown can the community tackle themselves? Where can the cleanup start?


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