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What Was Hauppauge Like When You Were a Kid?

With Twitter trending #BackWhenIWasAKid, we'd like to know about your experiences growing up locally.


It's time to reminisce. 

Twitter is great for starting some great, random conversations with its trending topics, and for Wednesday a popular topic trending is #BackWhenIWasAKid.

What do you remember about growing up that's different today? Was there anything different to growing up in Hauppauge? 

Many of the responses from Twitter folk are sure to crack a smile. Here are a few (not necessarily from Hauppauge residents):

*"@BieberLiveLaugh#backwheniwasakid you put the tv on channel 3 to play video games"

*"@YariNicole#backwheniwasakid my mom use to dress me and my sister up exactly the same but sometimes different colors"

While saying "back when I was a kid" might seem to imply an older demographic of Hauppauge residents this question is open to everyone, old and young.

So, what was it like growing up in the town? Let's talk about it in the comments.

Jason Feinman February 22, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Playing in the streets football and hockey was nice because the streets were safe but other than going to the movies or roller rink in Commack, there wasnt much else for entertainment. It got boring because other than a few bars, there wasnt much to keep you there
Tom Gross February 23, 2012 at 03:13 AM
I've been in Hauppauge/Smithtown since 1955. I remember going through the whole Hauppauge Schools, Forest Brook, Whiporwill, the Jr. High and then the High School. My most memorable memories are practically living in Greengates (I lived about a block away from the Blydenburg back entrance), fishing in "Stump Pond" and "Millers Pond", Fireworks at the Maple Avrnue park, Fireworks at the High School, I remember Georges Luncheonette in the IGA shopping center, I remember the Hauppauge movie theater, Saturday Matinees, 2 movies and a load of cartoons, I remember Hubies hamburgers. I remember playing in the streets, building carts from baby carriage wheels and racing down hills. I remember the schoolbus stops (with no parents!), I remember much snower winters, I remember Ice Skating at Millers Pond (havent done that in a while). Smithtown Movie Theater wasnt too bad either, and neither were Smithtown and Commack Drive Inns. I remember Friday Night School bands at the high school, I remember a bunch of "Garage Bands" here and there. I will post some more....
We Heart Long Island February 23, 2012 at 01:54 PM
Commack Arena: Ducks and Cougars hockey, wrestling, roller derby, concerts, flea market. "Eat a pickle while you walk" Jerry Lewis twin movie theater. Buddys. Billy Blakes for just about anything including haircuts. Greengates park. Pony rides at the horse farm where the Dennison Building is now. Charles and sons. Woolworths, Grants and comic book store, all in Mayfair. Korvettes game room for pinball. Riding bikes everywhere.
Candyee February 24, 2012 at 06:45 PM
I love your memories ..Sounds the same as when I grew up , in Nassau co . Just a different location . We came out here as teenagers from Nassau to go to the LI Arena, Commack and Smithtown( all weather) Drive In.it was country to us ,so pretty .I decieded then this is where I wanted to live when I was older.. Moved here 1981, so I have also seen many changes.. I had no idea there was fireworks at Millers Pond,,, My 3 grown kids have great memories.. They would "go to town" , the Smithtown Theater, ,,etc.. Thanks for sharing your memories . : )
Frank Kelch September 04, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Remember it all Tom, I grew up on twilight lane and went thru the Hauppauge school system as well. I was just back on the Island and stayed with some special friends on brooksite. Spent some time walking around the methodist cemetary. Spent a lot of time at the Wheeler Inn on Rt 111 back in the day.


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