Blackbeard's Ghost for Grabs [Empty in Smithtown]

Former Blackbeard's Restaurant has seen better days, but hopes for a new owner.

For 20 years, locals in the Smithtown area turned to Blackbeard's Steakhouse when they were craving surf and turf. But these days all you get there is dust.

According to Drew Dunleavy, listing agent for the 943 Middle Country Road property, the retired owners are hoping to sell the now vacated property for $900,000.

Taxes for the parcel, which is zoned for Wholesale Service Industry, which includes restaurants, offices or most commercial spaces, run $10,220 a year.

Dunleavy said he's had inquiries into the property, but no sale so far.

Meanwhile, Blackbeard's has seen better days, including a large gash in the rear of the building most likely caused by a falling tree.

Dunleavy said the size of the property, at 1.3 acres, opens the possibilities for the space beyond another restaurant.

The former Blackbeard's isn't the only empty restaurant in the area. After only 3 months in business, . And just around the corner, the for a new tenant.

Do you remember Blackbeard's? And what do you think would be a good fit for the space?

Bob January 31, 2012 at 06:28 PM
HESS Corporation was trying to turn this into a convience stoor/gas station. but the neighbors complained and shot it down. Everyone wants to complain about the vacant sites, but when someone is willing to develop it into something nice its once again " not in my neighborhood" . Maybe they should all chip in and buy it and turn it into a park


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