Does Smithtown Main Street Need a Facelift?

Councilman Bob Creighton suggests town board temporary waive fees for business facade renovations.

Smithtown Main Street. Patch file photo.
Smithtown Main Street. Patch file photo.
Some residents might be in love with the mix of local history and modern storefronts on Smithtown Main Street, others are calling for a facelift. 

Councilman Bob Creighton, a challenger for Smithtown's Supervisor seat this November, is calling for a temporary suspension of the town's fees for downtown businesses and storeowners willing to renovate their facade. 

He has asked the town board at Tuesday's work session to consider whether it would waive the $250 initial fee, plus 15 cents per square foot, for a six-month period in hopes of encouraging businesses to spruce up. 

"It will have a small impact but I think it would have a positive impact," Creighton said in an earlier interview with Patch. 

Town of Smithtown received approximately $46,000 in fees from businesses or landlords looking to improve the facade in 2012. 

Supervisor Patrick Vecchio and other town board members said they were willing to give the stimulus a chance and reconsider its current fee, but were unsure if the waiving fees would make a difference to business owners. 

"Nearly 90 percent of the buildings on [Smithtown] Main Street are owned by people who don't live in town. Most of those buildings exact higher price for square foot in recent," Vecchio said. 

Tell us, would you like to see Smithtown Main Street stores given a facelift? 
Tell us in the comments below. 

Hasyayoga June 08, 2013 at 09:29 AM
Smithtown has such potential...its the parking that keeps us away at times...what about paid parking? Maybe if the town bought some property or converted already owned town property to a small parking facility maybe that would help...maybe we should also remove all the clothing donation bins in the town of Smithtown and replace with bins that would contribute directly back into our own town. Of course, we could give donations to the non-profits that currently support our community in lieu of removing those bins. Bins that are for profit should be removed permanently.
Guest June 08, 2013 at 10:24 AM
There is plenty of parking. If you shop on the North side of town, you park behind the stores. Every time I park back there, there's barely any cars back there. You just have to walk a little further. Some of the stores even let you use their back doors as an entrance. I wouldn't want to park back there at night though. Maybe they can work on making those lots a little less scary and they will get more people to use them. Furthermore, the worst thing that could have happened to Smithtown, is that, they put that drug rehabilitation center right there in town. What's next? A methadone clinic? Couldn't they have found another building, OFF of Main St to house this facility? Just another reason not to visit Smithtown.
June Bug June 10, 2013 at 10:01 AM
..I also do not like the new Patch format. Sometimes change isn't a good thing! As for Smithtown's Main St, what a shame! It is the worst looking Main St in Suffolk County. What ruins it is the fact that there are 2 large Commercial STRIP Centers smack in the middle of town. I don't know how you fix THAT problem! Who were the geniuses that let commercial builders build those monstrosity's in the first place? But that goes back many years, I'm sure. There are no wonderful little shopping boutiques to browse, no charm, ugly, unsightly stores (You can add Cornet Music to the list with Smithtown Appliance...come on people (I mean landlords)...stop being greedy and invest in your storefronts!) and to get the job done the politicans have to come up with an INCENTIVE PLAN for business owners. Ditch the one lane concept (It's a huge failure). Entice some NICE retail stores to come in. I agree that the DINER is a joke. the food is awful. That place should be packed every night and it's not...Everytime we give it another try we are sorely disappointed. WAKE Up Diner Owners, your place is a disgrace to the food industry. But, the main problem with our Main Street is that it is NOT PEDESTRIAN friendly. Way too much traffic. (Who would let their middle school kids walk down to Main Stree for an ice cream, ooops, yes we need an old fashioned ice cream shoppe, but who would let their kids try to navigate across Rte 111 and Main?) I think that's a major reason why businesses won't invest in Main Street. Want to see how it's done Smithtown Politicians? Look at Huntington, Northport or Sayville. THOSE are real Main Streets with lots of shopping choices, architectural charm, and lots of pedestrian traffic. We're missing all 3 major ingredients.
Mike June 11, 2013 at 09:04 AM
The rear entrances should be redesigned to be more appealing as well. Then customers may use them. There are options , doing nothing has only made our situation worse.
GIANTS12 June 19, 2013 at 12:04 PM
I agree with most here....Main St looks borderline embarassing driving through. They still can't rent out those two open spots in the La Fitness shopping area....Everything looks old and outdated and towns that are not the same quality of smithtown have much nicer main streets (Bay Shore, Patchogue)...They need to do more than just waive these fees for good businesses to start opening


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