Insignia Submits Revised Plans for Parking Expansion

Steakhouse owners hope to strike compromise with town, residents with revised plans for expanding their parking lot by more than 75 stalls.


Insignia Steakhouse owners are hopeful that newly revised plans to expand their parking lot strike an ideal compromise with the Town of Smithtown and area residents. 

Insignia Steakhouse, owned by Anthony Scott, presented revised plans to expand the restaurants parking lot by more than 75 stalls after more than three months of meetings with elected officials and residents. 

The newly revised plans strike a compromise between the restaurant's and the recommendations of Smithtown Planning Department at the March 22 Board of Zoning Appeals meeting. Residents were outraged over Insignia's  an illegal, makeshift gravel parking lot . 

At the March 22 meeting, Planning Director Frank DeRubeis suggested a that would reduce town's original requirement of a 100-foot gap to a 80-foot buffer provided the restaurant's owners installed a 50-foot planted berm at a height of 5 feet. It was designed to grant privacy to adjacent residents. 

Insignia Restaurant responded to the town's suggestions  on July 9 by submitting plans that include the suggested 80-foot buffer with a earthen berm that varies from roughly 50-feet wide and narrows towards Mount Pleasant Road. Their proposed expansion would add 79 parking stall along the back of the restaurant's property, double stacked, in what is commonly referred to as valet-style parking. 

The restaurant owners have removed the proposed stockade fence that was included in its first set of plans. However, the restaurant has noted its intention to expand its septic area by 50 percent. 

Smithtown planning department employee said the newly proposed plans will be reviewed, and then elected officials will decide what the next step is. Potential options include scheduleding a second public hearing on the new design or granting their recommendation to the town board for approval. 

If the plans are recommended to be approved, the new design would bring Insignia Restaurant's total parking capacity to approximately 200 vehicles on site. 

littleShamrock July 11, 2012 at 05:55 PM
sorry duuuude, my bad. I had to find something since white picket fencing was blocking my thoughts ahahah ... Same thing here as far as reviews. Vintage IS wonderful but we'll stick with good ole dress down Outback.
VT July 11, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Ditto! Lol
VT July 12, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Does everyone here know that Tony Scotto owns the Watermill? He put in an application a few yrs back to have a hotel built on the site of the Watermill . It was denied ,but I would not be surprised if it shows back up at zoning meeting. .Dude , were you aware of it? I like your fighting spirit ..
Nesconset Dude July 12, 2012 at 09:28 PM
Haha, I try to get away from the fights, but the powers that be in Smithtown have lost all credibility. I did know about the hotel, and I can honestly say that I'm mixed on that one. Does it need to be there? No, but it's a much better plan than, say, the proposed garden apartments proposed for Lake Ave. That one is a really bad idea, but I guess the hotel (how big could it really be?) is more apropriate for the location on 347 than is apartments on Lake. I'm not trying to say I enjoy or endorse the idea of a hotel at that location, but it could be much worse.
VT July 14, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Dude.. I believe it was 10-12 floors on the Hotel.But watching how slick Tony Scottos operates , who knows? Hotel , garden apts BOTH bad ideas ! Terry Rd & rt 347 is a dangerous intersection !!! Again there are homes behind Watermill but he does not care about there quality of life as long as he can make his big bucks .Same for builder of Story Book Homes ..


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