Local Generator Shortage, Plenty of Other Supplies for Hurricane Sandy Prep

Lowe's in Stony Brook has batteries, flashlights, and other storm necessities available, but no generators as of Friday evening.

Store owners and big chains aren't taking any chances when it comes to making preparations for Hurricane Sandy, many already getting into full gear for 'Frankenstorm.' 

If you're heading over to Lowe's in Stony Brook you'll be able to find an assortment of batteries, shop vaccumes, sump pumps, tarps, flashlights and other hurricane oriented supplies. 

What you won't find Friday, however, are generators. 

"[We're] waiting on shipments of generators, not sure when they're coming," said Steve Simai, Lowe's assistant store manager. "They're due for this weekend but we don't know the exact date yet."

Simai said the customer traffic has been consistent throughout Friday, and while the assortment of supplies is diminishing they still have enough to get people through the storm.

In nearby Smithtown at Ace Hardware, keyholder Mike Bergman said Friday afternoon that they would have generators in stock on Monday as part of their hurricane preparation shipment. 

Bergman said Ace learned a lot from last year's experience with Tropical Storm Irene and started the supply preparation early.

"We're prepared, we made an earlier start on it. Last year was kind of a last-minute thing as far as panic and getting everything into the stores, they're getting them in earlier this year," he said. 

The keyholder also said Ace learned what sold more from Irene to Sandy, and will carry more stock of those items, such as more C and D batteries instead of AA and AAA.

At Setauket's Ace Hardware store, manager Laura Blake said the store is out of D batteries, flashlights, and lanterns. It does, however, have plenty of propane and charcoal, candles, lamplight fluid, heavy-duty bags, and tarps. Ace in Setauket also stocks runners for use in attaching to gutters to direct water away from the hous.

Blake also advised people to have some non-electric appliances such as can openers to use in case the power goes out, and said her store has a generator of its own so it will definitely be open in case the power goes out.

To be prepared for the potential punch of Hurricane Sandy, here is a list of places to get supplies in the area: 

  • Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse (Stony Brook)
  • Kings Park Hardware
  • Ace Hardware (Smithtown)
  • Ace Hardware (Setauket)
  • Do It Best Hardware (Nesconset)
  • Key Food 
  • Commack Hardware
  • Deal$ 
  • Home Depot (Jericho Turnpike) 
  • Home Depot (Crooked Hill Road) 
  • King Kullen 
  • ShopRite 
  • Walmart 
  • Waldbaum's (Mayfair)
  • ShopRite
  • Target (Vets Highway)
  • Target (Henry Street)

Have any good hurricane preparation tips? Advice you learned from Hurricane Irene? Tell us in the comments below. 


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