Pub 347 Owners Toast to First Year Open

The libations business is steady at Pub 347, says co-owner Todd Feldman who hopes to expand the pub's reach into the community through 2012.

It's bean a year since Todd Feldman and his nephew Joe Roccanova opened the doors to Pub 347 with a big celebration.

“We had a nice turn out. We had a good party – lots of people, lots of booze, lots of drinking,” he said, adding that the party never really stopped, looking back on his first year of business.

“We thought the first year was going to be a struggle but it turned out to be a good year,” he said.

Pub 347 had been the Eagles Pub, named after the mascot of the Hauppauge School District's athletic teams. The new owners, however decided to rebrand the bar to invoke the roadway it operated on.

Luckily for them, football season made the switch easy, Feldman said. “When football season started I brought in DirecTV for all the NFL games and brought in three more TV’s to have nine total and a 100-inch screen,“ he said. “Every Sunday we were busy.”

Feldman hopes to expand on his sports bar reputation this spring by sponsoring softball teams and starting both pool and dart teams.

Feldman, a salesman by day, says the bar industry runs in his blood.

“I’ve been in the bar industry all my life, since I was 19,” he said. “I worked as a bar back and then I became a bartender at a few different places and private parties. I worked security in clubs and I just felt it was time for me to invest and open up a place.”

It's that experience, he said, that taught him the most important lesson for pubs to know: Service is everything.

“Having the right attitude – being pleasant and happy at the bar. I’m very meticulous about that and always having the right attitude.”

The Smithtown General March 24, 2012 at 12:17 AM
Pretty impressive considering there is competition in the same shopping center.


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