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The Dish: Chicken Parmesan Entree From Lorenzo's

This entree is for the Italian food lover on the go.

Back in the former home to  in St. James became Lorenzo's Pizza. The establishment offers numerous items found at your average pizza place with a cheaper price tag. One such item is the Chicken Parmesan entree. 

The Dish: Chicken Parmesan Entree ($8.95) 

What is it: A very large helping of breaded chicken breast with Parmesan cheese, melted mozzarella, and tomato sauce. The entree also comes with your choice of spaghetti, linguini, siti, penni, rigatoni or salad.

How does it taste: Imagine having a Chicken Parmesan dish at your favorite high class Italian restaurant, how succulent the chicken is and how rich the flavor of the dish is – and being able to call in a take-out order of it and bring it home within minutes. The Chicken Parmesan Entree from Lorenzo's is just as rich and flavorful as you would get at any Italian restaurant. 

Sides: The entree also comes with either spaghetti, linguini, siti, penni, rigatoni or salad. For this particular occasion ziti was the choice. You also get a piece of Itanian bread with the order.

Why you should eat this: It will absolutely fill you up and the rich flavor is something you will enjoy.


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