Toast & Co.: Chic, Retro Eatery

Toast is warm and welcoming. Usually busy. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Unfazed by the snow-hoarding parking spots, I passed the restaurant and easily found parking across the street. The bright orange awning of the restaurant was easy to spot and in keeping with the bright and cheerful day of a sun-filled, clear blue sky. My step had a spring to it as I sprinted into the restaurant hungry for breakfast at Toast & Co in the Village. My friend was already seated, indulging in pomegranate herb tea. She was incredibly pleased with the array of choices.

As I sat down she greeted me with, "I love this restaurant, it is so bright and cheery!" We chatted about the cleanliness and the crisp white linen napkins, wonderful coffee cups and the chic yet retro nature of this eatery which was full of animated guests of all ages on this Saturday morning.  Everyone's food looked fresh and delicious. Time to order! The menu was chock full of selections from typical breakfast to some unusual choices like huevos rancheros.

The waiter quite attentive, continued to come over to the table to take our order…we girls, however, just kept chatting. Finally, my friend ordered a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit and muffin.  It arrived in a quintessential old fashioned parfait glass looking deliciously indulgent. Sans muffin however, a piece of corn bread barely passed as a substitute.

My fresh spinach omelet was fresh indeed. The spinach done to perfection and quite tasty…no greasy after taste. The potatoes where partially sweet potatoes; always a welcome change from your basic whites.

The variety of fresh breads and little jam jars were like those served at a bed and breakfast. The perfect breakfast accompaniments.

A trip to the ladies room was met by a really cool almost floating glass sink and the walls painted a bright and zesty orange and walls were trimmed with beach glass. The décor was a refreshing change from the norm at other establishments.

There is one dining room at Toast along with a row of old fashioned bar stools positioned at the counter for eating solo or with a companion.  There is also a TV in the dining room; one which sparked a great controversy as my friend decided to watch the TV as if we were sitting in a bar catching the game. Seems a bit unnecessary in this otherwise lively, friendly place.

The word "Toast" invokes a great visual…whether of morning comfort food or glasses clinging together as friends wishing each other the best.

Toast & Co. is certainly the best in its genre and a delightful way to enjoy an epicurean experience in our favorite village for any meal.

mona February 22, 2012 at 03:12 AM
Great omelets, mac and cheese!!!! All the food looked fresh at the other tables. Very kick it back kind of place. Relaxing comfort food.


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