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Wall Street to Host Grand Opening in Hauppauge

Late night hotspot to reopen under new ownership to the Meat Farms Shopping Center on Thursday night.


Hauppauge's late night clubspot will see the grand opening this weekend, after nearly 7 month sof renovations under new management. 

Wall Street has announced it will hold its grand opening celebrations from Sept. 13 - Sept. 15. The late-night entertainment venue has been been extensively remodeled to look like upscale nightclub aimed at attracting an older crowd. 

“We want to keep a top-notch reputation, and for people to be able to see the differences made,” said Ken Alpha, one of the club's new owners/managers, to Patch in July. 

Wall Street is advertising a new high-grade dancefloor, new lighting and sound systems, a skybox and VIP lounge. 

"We are trying to create a Long Island venue for young professionals who have been gravitating to Manhattan to find that chic environment where they can mingle, meet and have an outstanding time with others like themselves," reads Wall Street's website. 

Wall Street will be hosting Ladies Night on Thursday for its grand opening, with complimentary admission all night. Proper and tasteful attire is expected of attendees.

With it's return, Wall Street will be raising the entrance age from its predecessor Silk, making its 21 for women, 23 for men to enter.

Friday night's theme will be a corporate happy hour featuring a white glove contintental buffet  and $3 beers, $5 mixed drinks from 5 p.m. - 9 p.m. Free admission for those over age 21. However, that evening will be "Sophisticated Singles" with an age requirement of 28. 

Wall Street will return the Saturday Night Dance Parties, with entrance age of 21 for ladies and 23 for men. VIP areas and bottle service will be available. 

Tell us, will you stop by Wall Street and check out this new night entertainment spot? 

Alex September 17, 2012 at 03:03 PM
I hope they realize older people have work and children and other things of that nature going on, so to be called wall street makes no since because it will attract old people who want to seem business like and mature, I doubt this place will make money, old people are to careful with there money, everyone knows guys are always waiting to turn 21 so they can be legally adults and go to clubs, that's a major source of money for clubs right there, to turn your back on that is unwise
jason December 31, 2012 at 03:28 AM
You guys suck you'll make no money in this wack ass club and who the hell names a nightclub wall st man you are so fukn corny
alicia February 06, 2013 at 02:04 AM
Wondering what kind of a crowd goes on Friday nights. Is it like emporium crowd? Will guys age 40 really go to wall street? If so my girlfriends & i will go. Hope to hear some current news :)


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