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26 Ways to Achieve Optimal Health and Fitness

Being in great physical shape is not a process that happens overnight. Through small shifts in your daily actions, you can become physically fit and vibrant.

This week on our show “Living Well” we talk about the subject of health and fitness.  This is such a huge subject to condense in a half hour! You can see by watching our show (every Wednesday at 7pm on Cablevision channel 20 in Suffolk County, NY) that we practice what we preach: we may be middle-aged, but we are vibrant and in great health.  Part of this is due to our practice of nourishing our bodies with healthy foods,vitamins, and supplements as well as exercising regularly.  As a certified nutritionist, Don knows all about eating well as a source of nourishment to your body.  When your body is fed the right things and is in great shape, you are better able to function in your daily life.

Being in great physical shape is not a process that happens overnight.  Just like a marathoner doesn’t decide to do a marathon the next day, these things–like most worthwhile things–take time.  Through small shifts in your actions and thoughts, you can become physically fit, healthy, and vibrant.  Here are 26 small (and not so small) shifts you can make starting today:

  1. Start
  2. Focus on a goal (a challenging and attainable one)
  3. Reward yourself as you make progress
  4. Get positive support
  5. Shift your thinking (e.g. diet becomes nourishing your body)
  6. If you mess up, continue on. Don’t quit!
  7. Stop feeling guilty about wanting to do better
  8. Get a mantra
  9. When you reach one goal, set another in its place
  10. Do something everyday.  Small changes = big results!
  11. Make it fun!
  12. Try Brain Wave Entrainment* to shift your unconscious beliefs
  13. Get an adequate amount of sleep
  14. Pencil yourself in on your calendar each day for exercising
  15. Create a healthy meal plan each week–and stick to it! Get rid of the junk!
  16. Drink more water
  17. Start taking quality nutritional supplements
  18. Create a vision board of your goals for physical health and well-being
  19. Finish this sentence:  A year from now I am ____________________________
  20. Find something that motivates you to take action–a song, a picture, a friend–use it when you need it
  21. Find your compelling reason to change
  22. Visualize yourself in the future looking healthy and vibrant. Do this daily.
  23. Make a nice environment for yourself–physical, emotional, and psychological
  24. Find a healthy way to deal with stress
  25. Let go of the idea of perfection. Do your best–you are already enough.
  26. You are 100% responsible for your life.  You have to do this; no one else will.

*We use Brain Wave Entrainment (BWE) as part of our guided hypnosis downloads. For more information on BWE, visit our site at http://insynchypnosis.com

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