5 Ways to Find the Greatness in You

When you have a purpose and you discover and live your greatness, you shine your light for others to see, perhaps even inspiring others to find their own greatness.

Finding meaning and fulfillment in your life leads to greater happiness and a life well lived. Cultivating your greatness–your unique talents, abilities, and gifts–is often a search that becomes abandoned. Maybe life gets in the way, it seems like a daunting task, or you may not feel like you have anything special to offer (you do).  Listed below are some ways to help you find your gifts that you have to offer to the world:

  1. Meditate. Learn to be quiet and to still your mind. When you’re quiet, you hear your soul whisper.
  2. Make a list of those things you loved to do as a child or you were good at. These are big clues as to what you have to offer to the world.
  3. Make a list of those things you’d like to do, but haven’t for some reason or another. Trying new things exposes you to hidden abilities you may not have even realized.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. If you enjoy something and are only adequate at it, keep practicing! A marathoner doesn’t start out on day one doing 26.2 miles; they build up to it.
  5. Discover your life’s purpose by doing a coaching exercise we use with our clients.  Click here to find out your life’s purpose: How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose
  6. *Bonus:  New! insynchypnosis hypnosis and brain wave entrainment mp3 download Discover Your Passion.  A guided hypnosis session (using theta waves to bypass your conscious mind so that you are in a relaxed state) to discover what your passions are in life.

When you recognize your greatness (and let me add that you are already great!), you will have greater clarity, more happiness, you’ll lead a more abundant life–in all ways, and you’ll have more energy because you’ll have purpose and meaning–that gives you a zest for life that is missing for so many people.

I love the saying “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” I’m not sure who to credit for saying this, but it is a lovely sentiment on living well (and there’s a great article on the purpose of life–The Purpose of Life is a Life of Purpose on nicolenenninger.com).  When you have a purpose, you share your gifts with the world.  You become less self-centered, as you contribute to others and to the world around you.  When you have a purpose and you discover and live your greatness, you shine your light for others to see, perhaps even inspiring others to find their own greatness.  Life wasn’t meant to be sitting on the sidelines, watching the game instead of participating in it.  Get out there! Live! Make mistakes (which are only learning opportunities)! You do the world a disservice by not discovering your greatness. Everyone has gifts to offer.  And, even if you aren’t the best in something, or “perfect,” or whatever thought or belief is holding you back, try anyway.  Push past the excuses and live your life the way a hero/heroine would.  They’d be fearless, wouldn’t they? They’d be out there trying new things and not making excuses like a victim would; blaming life, people, or circumstances for their ho-hum or crappy life.  They know they are 100% responsible for their lives.  No one is going to live it for them so it’s up to them to live it passionately, on purpose, and using their unique skills and abilities to make it magnificent.

Have we inspired you to take action yet?  No? Hmmm…sounds like you might need a coach. If you’re interested in taking your life from surviving to thriving, good to great; contact us.  See if coaching is right for you!

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