Viewfinder: Energy Fitness in Final Stages of Construction

Energy Fitness & Wellness in St. James will be relocating in less than a month – here's a sneak peak of the new facility.

With the final stages of construction underway, Daniel Moreno, one of four owners of Energy Fitness & Wellness in St. James, took Smithtown Patch on a tour of their new facility.

Gym members will be introduced to a variety of new rooms and ways to stay in shape, from a group aerobic room where everything from Zumba classes to kickboxing classes will be held to a circuit area, an outdoor training area for boot camp classes, a spin class room with stadium seating and projector with virtual tour DVDs and more.

According to Moreno, the new facility, in addition to your normal workout equipment and training facilities, will feature a juice bar at the entrance, physical therapy office, chiropractor, massage room, day care and more.

Moreno said the idea behind the new facility was to combine fitness and wellness in one location.

“The idea is almost like a toolbox. You have a whole bunch of different tools that you want to use to get the job done and there’s different tools for different reasons so we want to give people all of that, the fitness and the wellness services all under one roof,” he said.

The reason for the move, according to Moreno, was because more space was needed than the space and layout provided by the current Energy Fitness & Wellness home across the street from the new facility.

Moreno said the process of the move is a long time in the making but is well worth the wait.

“It’s taken a long time to get here, about five-and-a-half years from when we first made an offer on the land … it’s finally all happening, it’s exciting for it to finally be at this point,” he said.

At time of publication, the new facility is set for a grand opening in 20 days. Moreno said they are looking for an opening date on or around July 18.


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