Year in Review 2012: Smithtown's Main Street Gets Revamped

Check out all the stories concerning changes made to Main Street in 2012.

Smithtown's Main Street has been the concern of locals for years, and in 2012 there was a lot of discussion of changes that could and should be made to the roadway. Here is the Patch coverage of all things Main Street this year.

Main Street Gets New Turning Lanes; Westbound Traffic Now 1 Lane

Locals have called for changes to make Main Street safer and the New York State Department of Transportation have taken steps to do so – beginning with freshly painted lines and left-turning lanes. The changes to the roadway included multiple painted lanes to make left turns, markings to extend and re-paint the crosswalk at Lawrence Avenue, and markings to paint a median. The markings also reduce westbound traffic to one lane.

Residents Divided Over Smithtown Main Street Changes

Smithtown area residents divided over whether the remarking of Smithtown's Main Street is helping or only further worsening local traffic and safety issues. 

Main Street Changes Get Positive Reviews 3 Months Later

Main Street has had numerous changes in the wake of many pedestrian deaths on the roadway, including eastbound traffic reduced to one lane and the installation of left turning lanes back in May. When changes were made many Patch readers, while applauding the efforts to make the road safer, were not pleased with the results. Since May, proponents of the road changes said the feedback received has largely been positive.

AARP Forum Promotes Roundabouts on Main Street

Modern roundabouts in Smithtown could be a viable option to promote pedestrian safety and stimulate Main Street economy, according to several politicians and traffic experts during an open forum hosted by AARP. 

AARP Study: Traffic Circles a Must for Main Street Smithtown

The latest idea for fixing Smithtown's dangerous Main Street is in, and it might make your head spin. In a report commissioned by the Long Island AARP, the organization advocates installing five traffic circles along a one-mile stretch of Main Street.

WATCH: Town Posts AARP Main Street Safety Meeting

Back in March AARP held a meeting at the Frank Brush Barn on Main Street to discuss ways to make the roadway safer for pedestrians and drivers, with modern roundabouts as a main topic. The forum was by registration only and the barn was filled for two sessions, an afternoon and an evening discussion.

Pedestrian Safety Project Slated for Main Street in Spring

Main Street in Smithtown, which has been deemed a "deadly" roadway by area residents, is scheduled to be revamped this spring in an effort to increase pedestrian safety, according to the New York State Department of Transportation.

Dave M. December 28, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Why was Main Street made one-way in the direction of St Catherine's? That doesn't make sense to me.


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