JWG's Done and Not Begun February 17-23, 2011

Wherein JWG and René, back home at Zwerglipatch in Hauppauge, face reality yearning for the Tropics.

Zwerglipatch  February 17, 2011  6:07 a.m. EST

Being back at Zwerglipatch Cottage, in Hauppauge, is as if we have never left. There is snow. There is business to do.

Mom Meyer looks well. Dad Meyer is worse off than I thought. He lets the doldrums hold him back. He slips into the horror of being sick forgetting that he can get well. It will be a long winter for him.

Yesterday, as I have already said, went well. When I called Mom Garand to say we were back, she was happy to hear my voice. All is well in Hancock.

Ah, me, what will this day be like? No matter. It is a day to just be and act as if we have always been here. That will be better than good.

I stayed in bed until five-thirty this morning. I could have gotten up at twelve-thirty which would have been way too early. I am glad I didn’t. I needed rest.

I am rested. I am ready. I am a busy bee buzzing around this Cottage. I am glad I am me. I don’t envy René and his responsibilities. UGH!


Zwerglipatch  February 18, 2011  4:40 a.m. EST

The rays of The Full Snow Moon were bright enough to awaken me. A gauze of clouds hides the Aurora Borealis if, in fact, it could have been seen. I, myself, am glad I have had the chance to witness this natural light show. It mesmerized me when I was in New Hampshire all those years ago.

Yesterday morning, Mom Meyer was so tired, she was falling asleep at the kitchen table while doing her word puzzles. She, eventually, when I told her she could, did go lie down on the couch for needed rest.

A neighbor called last night to invite me down today. I’m told there are many questions to answer. Life is full of questions that can never be answered until one experiences. That’s the way it seems to me this morning.


Zwerglipatch  February 19, 2011  11:55 a.m.

When René and I come home after a vacation, I do not take the necessary time to scribble my thoughts on our recent experience.

The Zwerglipatch Hamamelis [Witch Hazel] is blooming. A Crocus, too, is about to pop open in the front yard.

Yesterday, Peter wanted to rake. We did. We were thrilled to see the Snowdrops, Crocus, Daffodils, and Ferns poking out of the earth. We took down the Christmas lights from the Lagerstroemia ‘Hopi’ [a Crape Myrtle] and cut down the ornamental grass Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’. Then, we went to get fried wontons at the Chinese Restaurant. As ever, we had fun working, playing, walking, and talking.

Today is a blustery winter day.

Officially, René and I are both home — for another temporary staycation as that is what, for us, being home is like. Now, after a treat of tea, I, too, shall get to work — official, necessary, business work. Money has to come in to pay the bills, yes? Yes.


Zwerglipatch  February 20, 2011  6:22 a.m.

Refreshed, I am happy to have slept. The Moon sets. The sky is clear. The snow will arrive tonight.

Last evening, René and I watched Kay Pollak’s film “As It Is in Heaven”. Supporting casts can make a difference in a film. The characters portrayed in this film were likable. They were people we cared about seeing what would happen to them. I gave this film four stars as I would have liked a titch more information. Ultimately, the film had a goal which the viewer could imagine was met.

Each time I watch a film, I get lost, or rather, I live in that place depicted. I am the observer who condones the action as I have no power to change a single frame. Yes, it is possible to stop the action by not watching. My curiosity gets the better of me. I have to watch. I have to know endings.


Zwerglipatch  February 21, 2011  7:07 a.m.

A Winter Wonderland greeted us this morning. A light (fortunately) snow is falling. Zwerglipatch is beautiful.

After a bit of playing with nephews Timothy and Peter, yesterday, I was exhausted. I could not stay awake for “Masterpiece Classic”. I wish I could stay in bed all day — and read and nap and look out at the snow.

And now, Long Island Indicator beckons.


Zwerglipatch  February 22, 2011  7:06 a.m.

Gracious, one would imagine that after a night’s sleep, one would feel rested. I do not. I could go back to bed, put on music, and, most probably, sleep again.

Fortunately, the orders keep coming in to fill. I worked over eleven hours yesterday filling orders and seem to not have made a dent. I just downloaded the orders that came in yesterday. They, themselves, would ordinarily be a whole day’s work for me. I must persevere.

René has a cold. The change of seasons has not been kind. He is up, and has been at work for an hour. I hope his stamina holds. This winter weather is not to our liking at all. Give us the tropics anytime.

I could not read last night. René and I watched “I Love Lucy”. Thank goodness for Lucy.


Zwerglipatch  February 23, 2011  4:45 a.m.

Unintentionally, I confuse my Friends. Time. Time, which I thought was in my Past, is still Haunting. Time. Will ever we have time?

Today, People think is our Anniversary. Yes, I told, and wrote, it is Anniversary Season. Every day, René and I have some sort of Event to celebrate.

I even shared a title of one of my volumes of scribblings: JWG’s Tangled Time.

Each day, I write. Each day, I wish to have all of these scribblings in reclusion to avoid confusion. As I have said, I will not explain what I do write. I see no need. Others disagree.

Taking time to scribble takes time away for the important aspect of Living.

How does one explain the previous statement? How does one explain any urge?

My befuddled muddlements are linear.

The path I am on, with René, is straight.

Today is. Tomorrow will be. Yesterday? I care for each Yesterday.

I am fortunate to be able to scribble.

My tangled strings are taut, and, most importantly, they are untangled.

This knowledge is surety. Surety is strength. The power is in the pen.

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