JWG's Done and Not Begun February 24-28, 2011

Wherein JWG's patience is being tried by the dilly-dallying of same-sex rights. Dad Meyer's lack of optimism grows. JWG is thankful for Opera and the Oscars.

Zwerglipatch  February 24, 2011  7:58 a.m.

The legalization, in this country, of same-sex marriage is getting closer to national unity. The battle of rights for a person has been a constant. Who shall be next?

Why should anyone be “next”? Am I looking at History too much? Surprises do happen. Look at the Berlin Wall. Russia. Egypt. Surprises.

I predict: If the government dilly-dallies about same-sex rights, another uprising will occur in this country. Our patience — my patience — is coming to a breaking point.


Zwerglipatch  February 25, 2011  10:56 a.m.

As the rain rages outside, I am at calm inside Zwerglipatch Cottage.

I talked to a Friend this morning. She is always good for a chat. Today, her husband has to lay off forty people who could have avoided their present situation by accepting a job in another state. True, moving is a pain. But “a job is a job”. And, working for a large company, these days, isn’t the easiest job to acquire. People dig themselves into ditches with no escape. This is a given that has always been and always will be. Pigheadedness does not bring home the bacon.

I am happy, again, to say that my security is safe. True, this has not always been the case. I, too, as we all know, had, and have, my pigheaded moments. The operative word is “moments”. I have learned, I hope, to compromise. This, for me and those around me, is not, well, easy. However, it is either compromise or be angry and bitter and sick. I am none of these. I am a happy Me.


Zwerglipatch  February 26, 2011  10:54 a.m.

Last night, René and I were able to watch the first disc of The MET Centennial Gala Concert which was recorded in 1983. I am glad to have this under our roof. The tapes we had made of the broadcast deteriorated. This especial evening was, and is, most memorable.

I must fiddle with some shelves to make my reference books easier to get at; and, that means, moving and culling more items. This should be a good weekend to diddle, edit, and scribble. It is almost the aura of a holiday season which, as you know, it is. When one treats every day like a holiday, not only are they happy days, they are productive days. Gee, maybe I will do a bit of reading, too. This is Oscar weekend. There is no reason to say this, but, I did.

I look forward to seeing not a “movie” today, but, an opera. I do like to know that music is only a touch away.


Zwerglipatch  February 27, 2011  17:59 a.m.

The second disc of The MET’s Centennial Gala was watched and enjoyed. Birgit Nilsson, at sixty-five, had the lungs of a thirty-five-year-old. Singers who, at the time, were “mature”, were younger than René and I now are. Who thought the two of us would be “mature”? One has to laugh.

Dad Meyer seems to have no optimism when it comes to his health. A neighbor stopped in to see him. He told Dad that he will be glad to see him walking around the block again when Spring arrives. Dad’s answer, “It is too late. Too late.”, said it all. Dad Meyer is an Elder with less and less Hope in his veins.


Zwerglipatch  February 28, 2011  7:17 a.m.

The delight, for me, in watching the Oscars, is seeing a glimpse of Hollywood’s glamour. Many people I know think this is tedious, trite, and a waste. Couldn’t one say the same thing when talking about a sporting event such as football, baseball, or basketball?

I was pleased with this year’s Oscar telecast. I don’t think, for me, it will be forever at the top of my list as memorable. Come to think of it, I did not know I had a list of memorable Oscar shows. Sobeit. 

Kirk Douglas, who survived a stroke, gave the award for Best Supporting Actress. He is a mobile elder who did make the audience laugh. I mention Mr. Douglas because he represented “Old Hollywood”. I use “Old” because when he, or, in the past, any elder who in the public’s eye and memory, is forever young, stands in front of his peers who are “New Hollywood”, the camera pans the audience. One sees many faces of the “New” with the look of realization that one day, if they are lucky and survive, they, themselves, could be standing with a cane, behind a mask of anything but what they are now, as an elder representing “old Hollywood”. The public likes, and enjoys, Young Hollywood. The Public is made up of us. We do not require to be faced with the fact that we, too, will be, if we are lucky, one day in the near future, an Elder.

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