JWG's Done and Not Begun March 10-13, 2011

Wherein JWG ponders why same-sex couples pose a threat. Life is ultimately simple.

Zwerglipatch  March 10, 2011  6:42 a.m.

Dad Meyer, after seeing the urologist yesterday, had a “hopeful” afternoon. He had a melt-down before he went to bed. I didn’t hear anything last night. As of now, the house is quiet. All I can say is, “We shall see...”

I am sitting in bed waiting for René to awaken. Under a wintry sky, the birds sing songs of Spring. We await a harsh rain.

This life I am now leading is simple.

“Leading” is a word at the head of a phrase that has taken me what seems like eons to comprehend. Having now understood that the now I am in is the first of the rest of my days that I am facing like an enemy at the start of a battle of survival is the conclusion which, if one follows the news, will not be simple. Why do same-sex couples pose a threat? Marriage equality is not much to ask for, is it? Possibly, if I retain a sense of simplicity and a positive attitude, this life will have an even happier denouement than the happy life I am walking through at this moment. I listen to the Birds of Zwerglipatch. I spot the colors of the Spring Flowers. I listen to René.

This morning, I read more news than usual which never contributes to hopeful happiness. Here, at Zwerglipatch, I can escape. I am tempted to take this day as a staycation which means do what comes up with no planning. The good thing is, I can. That knowledge is important. I can do whatever I wish. This simple concept is what leads me to Tomorrow.


Zwerglipatch  March 11, 2011  10:17 a.m.

The Redpolls are back. A flock of these birds was by the patio this morning. Their family is reunited. How many nests will be built at Zwerglipatch this year?

Yesterday, I rearranged some book shelves and rotated objects on other knick-knack shelves. The blocks I played with as a child are on one of the shelves. These well-worn blocks do carry happy memories. I am always surprised that they survived. They are a bit of my treasure. I do love my “treasures”.

When I placed the blocks on the shelf yesterday, I was a youngster playing with toys. The enjoyment of being with these objects erased my mind of thinking, planning, and doing necessary things I think are “necessary” on my mental list. Hobbies are good for this. My hobbies I have always cherished. And, always kept. Yes, years can pass and a hobby is not touched. The rediscovering of an initial pleasure entices. I shall never let go of my hobbies. Well, that is incorrect. I shall “let go”, if that is a good phrase, of some of my hobbies; yet, as a hobbyist, I shall always have an interest in something, for, as you know, I am never bored. In fact, I think I have too many hobbies.


Zwerglipatch  March 12, 2011  17:28 a.m.

Dad Meyer had his stress test yesterday. This morning, I heard him, at around five, with his usual caterwauling. Poor Mom. I saw them as they were slowly entering the living room. I hear the television. I have yet to talk to Mom. As for Dad, I can’t say that I have ever had what one would consider a talk with him. I don’t know if anyone ever has in his life. His personal state is sad — and needless. His selfishness is full-blown. When I saw the two of them this morning, the trepidation I, myself, have felt this past week was understood.

Today begins another weekend. René, this morning, has said he will take Mom shopping. Is she ready for the Saturday crowds?

My meandering around the gardens this morning, sipping my green tea, allowed me to note how few days it will take to get our gardens in shape. Yes, it will take energy. Our quarter-acre is large enough to get lost in. When we change the clocks tonight to begin daylight savings time, I could be outside working at five in the morning. You know what? I can’t wait. Life is funny, no?


Zwerglipatch  March 13, 2011  7:28 a.m.

The clocks have been changed as another hour is lost. Fiddling with clocks, officially, has become reckless. The regard of how this impacts us is not considered. Well, I do realize that this statement is a bit much. I do realize I will enjoy this miraculous lengthening of my days.

By the way, René and I did the shopping for Mom yesterday. We realize that this may very well become a usual thing for us to do each week. I can’t say I didn’t like it. René does make things fun. And, for our anniversary this week, he bought me an orchid which is on the windowsill peeking over my shoulder as I write this. I love it. I love René. He is sleeping beside me.

My feet are tingling from all the stop-and-go walking I did while shopping yesterday. Today will be more of the same. I have to keep walking up to par. Oh, we also went on a long walk about the neighborhood yesterday. That is why I am tingling today. Such is my Life.


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