JWG's Necessity May 13 & 14, 2012

Wherein JWG and René witness the Truth of Being.

Arthog, Wales  May 13, 2012  6:01 a.m. BST

The sun was out yesterday. And, we heard the coming-out tale of Edward, a peer who did not meet his “soulmate” until the year Two-thousand. Edward was married with three grown children. When he divorced his wife to live with another man, his eldest daughter had trouble dealing with this new situation. Yet, without explanation, she came round, “literally”, one day, knocking at the door where he lived. All is now well with all of his children. He is friends with his ex-wife. His “soulmate” left him after eighteen months. He now has a “new lover”, Elliott. They have been together for four years. [We met Elliott a couple of days later when we all had dinner at a pub. The look in Edward and Elliott’s eyes were love, and admiration, for each other. It is a pleasure to meet happy couples.]

Edward, a Freemason, did tell us that he felt he had to leave his original chapter when he came out [of the closet] due to the fact that the man who sponsored him had trouble dealing with his newfound, so Edward’s sponsor thought, gayness. Edward is now with another group of Freemasons. At the first meeting, Edward announced he was gay. There was absolutely no problem. Truth is always best. Edward is content — a loving person who has the support of his parents and siblings, too. Happiness has found Edward. He is revitalized.

René and I took advantage of the sunny day. We walked for over three hours on the Mawddach Trail. Many people were enjoying this walk by the estuary. It was impressive and surprisingly easy. We hope to walk more on this trail. There were sheep to see, of course. Wales does have its sheep in every nook and cranny. It is said that there are more sheep than people in Wales. I can believe that statement. This spring, there are many lambs bouncing about in the fields. The innocence of youth prevails.

Yesterday was a day of witnessing the truth of Being.


Arthog, Wales  May 14, 2012  6:38 a.m. BST

Being in the land of Camelot, it did live up to that legend, weather-wise, last night. The winds blew. The clouds poured. This morning, the clouds still hover.

We did visit the ruins of Castell-y-Bere yesterday which are perched atop a lookout in the Snowdonia Mountains. When one meanders around a few walls and ramparts and such, life of many centuries ago, in this case, 1221, is represented by bits of lawn and a mother sheep and her lamb looking out over hills and valleys. What is now fields was once the sea. Peace has now arrived at that corner of Wales. I do hope it lasts.

Earlier in the day, Henry lead us all up a small mountain, through a narrow pass with stepping stones on a small brook to an overlook, than, on through a tunnel at the base of a slate-strewn mountaintop which came out into what is now known as The Blue Pool which is a small lake which fills a slate mine. Looking up at steep walls with chunks of rock slate heaped about, we were able to sit, play with our echoes, and warm ourselves in the sun as we were sheltered from the wind.

We could see Cardigan Bay from the overlook. We could see Wilberforce’s bungalow in Fairbourne. We had many smiles upon our faces during this trek. It was a delight. It was “lovely”.

Henry, once again, squashed our thinking about British meals as “plain”. For dinner, he made roast lamb, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, boiled cabbage, parsnips, roasted onion, and, a homemade mint sauce. Dessert was apple pie with cream. An exquisite meal. Very, very tasty as have been every one of the meals he has prepared.

After supper, we watched a film directed by Harmage  Singh Kalirai entitled “Chicken Tikika Masala”. This film, about love between two men, one of whom was impelled to almost marry, could be seen as a wake-up call to acceptance. It had many humorous moments. Its low budget made it seem, for me, a very good television movie. No matter. Its story has a statement to share. I am happy Henry shared, with us, this British film.

Today’s youth are fortunate to have their sexual desires addressed by film and literature. I could, myself, easily revert to a “what if” mental attitude which does absolutely no good. As long as one “does” by following one’s heart, these days, one can find acceptance as the norm. Yes, there are those who are unsure and will attempt to thwart happiness. Hopefully, the strength to be rational will help the hurdles we all have to, unfortunately, face.

I have read “a sensuous coming-of-age tale” — Adam by Anthony McDonald — which was recommended by Henry. Yes, Adam is another coming-out story. Alas, what can one do?

This book, Adam, is a book concerning discovery, and explanation, of love. Its characters are set in a beautiful, natural world. Their feelings, too, are natural. It is encouraging to read pages that are realistic — novel for today’s reader. Again, I do question “what if” I had been able to read such a book when I was fourteen? No matter. For me, I do have experience, now, which I can share openly with no shame. It would have made my life much easier, though, if I could have had concrete evidence that my future experiences were not at all novel.

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