Single and Scared in Smithtown

Don't let Katie's scare you away this Halloween weekend.

Good old Halloween - a night for ladies to dress provocatively and get away with it. There's always the typical Halloween parties but many bars also offer costume contests. If you're really in the spirit why not go to a haunted bar for Halloween Eve?

Katie's in Smithtown, self-described as "a bar with a cozy feel and good people," is the perfect place if you're looking to stay around town and have a good time. This bar offers plenty of room to sit and to dance, which is deceiving from the outside. I was expecting a not-so-spacious dive bar.

What makes it a perfect Halloween hot spot? Charlie the Ghost of course. Katie's bar has quite a haunted history (take a look here http://patch.com/A-QD6). Eerie videos of weird occurrences there are all over the internet. The cool part is that it is not a Halloween hoax. Apparently the ghost is friendly: http://www.liparanormalinvestigators.com/katies.shtml.

Before visiting Katie's I heard stories about ghosts knocking over glasses and appearing in mirrors which freaked me out a little. When you first walk into Katie's there is definitely a weird energy that hits you as soon as you walk in, not your local kind of cold Napper Tandys feel.

The crowd was more on the mature side and most people there seemed to be from the Smithtown area. It was a good place to have some casual conversation and a laid back night.

I was lucky enough not to have any ghost encounters but it made the night fun to look out for creepy things, especially after a drink or two. This Saturday is the annual Pimps and Hoes party.

Don't let Katie's history scare you away this Halloween weekend.


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