Crimes Nearby: Alcohol Bought for Teens in Kings Park

The following arrest information was supplied by the Suffolk County Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Suffolk County police reported the following arrests.

Kings Park

Ryan Travis, 27, of Kings Park, was arrested in Smithtown on June 29 and charged with first offense DWI. Police said they pulled Travis over at a traffic stop on Redwood Lane and charged him with driving while intoxicated.

Desiree Johnston, 34, of Kings Park was charged on June 28 with three counts of  unlawfully dealing with a child. According to police Johnston was found buying three underaged teenagers alcohol from a store on Feb 23. Police said Johnston was also charged with three counts of acting in an inappropriate manner with a child.

Patrick Joly, 18, of Kings Park was arrested in Shirley on June 24 for four counts of petit larceny. Police said that while at Smiths Point Park, Joly stole three iPhones along with a purse that also contained an iPhone in it.

George Foundas, 24, of Kings Park was arrested in Bay Shore on June 24 for criminal mischief.  According to police Foundas was found slashing the tires of a parked 2005 Hyundai.



Michael Quigley, 33, of Commack, was arrested on June 30 and charged with petit larceny. While riding in a taxi, Quigley was charged with stealing the taxi drivers wallet, police said.

Matthew Galli, 29, of Greenlawn was arrested on June 27 and charged with first offense driving under the influence of drugs in Commack. Police said Galli was found tailgating the car in front of him and it was concluded that he was under the influence of drugs.

Christine Georghakis, 44, of Commack was arrested on June 26 and charged with first offense driving a car while being impaired by drugs in Commack. Georghakis was pulled over at a traffic stop where she was deemed her under the influence of drugs, police said.



Daniel O'Hara, 22, of Hauppauge, was arrested on June 28 and charged with first-offense DWI charges. Police said O'Hara was found on Bank Avenue in Smithtown driving the wrong way on a one-way street. When pulled over, police concluded him to be driving under the influence.

Maria Apping, 35, of Hauppage, was arrested on June 28 and charged with second-degree possession of a forged instrument. Apping was charged because she was found with a fraudulent social security card, police said.


Port Jefferson

Robert Johnson, 37, of Port Jefferson Station, was arrested at his home on June 24 and charged with petty larceny. Police say that Johnson was arrested for allegedly stealing Dyson vacuums from the Target on Horseblock Road in Medford on two separate days in April. On April 18 and April 11 Johnson allegedly took a Dyson DC41 Vacuum and a Dyson Slim Vacuum from the store. It is not clear on which day each vacuum as taken.

Two people visiting a house on Lamppost Avenue in Port Jefferson Station on June 24 got into an altercation. One of the visitors punched the other. They did not know each other.


Miller Place-Rocky Point

Suffolk County Police arrested a Rocky Point man who was allegedly drunk and on drugs when he crashed into a Police car at the intersection of 25A and Eagle Road in Rocky Point Monday night.

Seventh Precinct Police Officer Kevin Corrigan was on patrol on westbound Route 25A in Rocky Point when William Roden III, driving a 1988 GMC pickup truck towing a boat and trailer, made a left turn in front of Officer Corrigan’s vehicle at the intersection with Eagle Road at 8:35 p.m, Police said.

Officer Corrigan, who was not injured, determined Roden was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and arrested him. According to Police, Roden, 49, was charged with Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs and Alcohol and Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.


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