Police Revive Heroin Overdose Victim at Smith Haven Mall

Victim regained consciousness after receiving a dose of an anti-opiate-overdose drug.

Suffolk police on Friday revived a 23-year-old male they believed to be suffering from a heroin overdose in a car in a Smith Haven Mall parking lot.

Officers Audrey Santanello, John Paul O’Connor, and William Schneider responded at 6:12 p.m. to a 911 call reporting that an unconscious man was turning purple while sitting in a car in the parking lot at 1 Smith Haven Mall.

The victim's friend told police that he had a history of heroin use, and after Santanello administered a dose of the anti-opiate-overdose prescription drug Narcan, the victim regained consciousness.

Centereach Ambulance transported the victim to Stony Brook University Hospital.

The SCPD is authorized to administer Narcan under a state Department of Health pilot program launched in Suffolk in 2012 that equipped vehicles in all Suffolk County Police precincts, along with the Marine Bureau and the Emergency Service Station, with the drug for these types of circumstances.

To date, the SCPD has made 67 saves since the program was launched in August of 2012, and 943 police officers have received Narcan training, according to a police spokesperson.

Millie April 14, 2013 at 02:51 PM
Weight loss, dark circles under their eyes, glassy glassed look i their eyes, they can stop mid sentence, mid eating, mid anything and just zone out...it's quite scary to watch. If you do assist in getting someone help, go to the Emergency room. Be prepared for a very BAD event once they realize where they are and start to come down. BE STRONG AS THE SOBER FRIEND!! They will need hospitalized detox, do NOT try this at home, it can be dangerous medically. If you are serious about getting someone help, hit me up. If not, We have been through HELL saving our loved one SUCCESSFULLY and don't need more nastiness cast upon us. *PEACE* **PS No one wants this epidemic out of their lives MORE than I**
Mike Perrotta April 15, 2013 at 11:33 AM
He is human and aloud to make mistakes you would be surprised to see who some of the "addicts are some are Doctors lawyers hard working people that have a disease.do you know that alcohol number 4 killer in the USA so stuff that in minds before you get on this kid heroin was just his choice of drug some people like pot some like alcohol and yes they are all the same folks
Millie April 15, 2013 at 12:04 PM
I do hate the drug dealers...I had a "group of friends" (large men that ride motorcycles) go looking for a particular drug dealer...found him and he "decided" to move out of the area and has not been seen again!!! Im not just sitting behind my computer and typing words...I put VERBS into my sentences and make things happen, one dirtbag at a time.
Millie April 15, 2013 at 05:52 PM
It doesn't make a difference what pill/drug/poison someone puts into to their body...you missed my point...it was about, LOVE, SUPPORT and ASSISTING THEM TO GET HELP. EVERY person with a problem that extends their hand out for help...should be met with a helping hand.
Mike Perrotta April 16, 2013 at 09:56 PM
Thank you Empowered I love how all the people think that a heroin junkie is a homeless person in the street with needles in their arms. Not true some are white collar,some have kids , some live right next door to you. So stop being ignorant this is a real problem. I live by a high school and I see the heroin packages on the street!!!!! So we are not doing enough. Starts with the PARENTS!!! And people realizing that its all the same, doesn't matter if it is illegal or not, addiction is a disease that runs a course and ends up in death. Whether your laying in ICU with sorosis of the liver or O.D ed from pain killers it all the same, legal or not .......thanks folks


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