Cuomo Helps Bellone Pad Fundraising Advantage

Governor set to appear at Suffolk County Democrats' fall gala Monday night in Melville.

County executive candidate Steve Bellone hopes to add to his considerable fundraising advantage tonight, when Gov. Andrew Cuomo headlines the Suffolk County Democratic Committee's annual fall gala.

The gala, to be held at the Huntington Hilton in Melville, will host roughly 500 guests at $400 per seat. The cost is slightly less, $250, for committee members.

As of mid-July — the last time Bellone and rival Angie Carpenter released their official fundraising numbers — Bellone held a six-to-one advantage in campaign funds. The Bablylon supervisor held close to $2 million, compared to the county treasurer's $314,000, though Carpenter didn't jump into the race until late March.

Carpenter's spokesman, Rick Belyea, said the campaign didn't have a firm fundraising goal.

"We don't have a figure we're throwing at people," he said on Monday.

Both candidates are due to file a campaign finance election report on Oct. 6.

Art D - CSA September 30, 2011 at 04:45 PM
The Bellone Team: Raised your town general fund tax by 13.82% this year? Increased your town general fund tax by 9.39%, your town highway tax by 17.99%, and your lighting district tax by 9.99% one week after the November 2007 election, bringing total tax increases to over 35% during over the last four years? Overcharged for garbage collection for 8 years in a row and accumulated as much as $41 million of taxpayer money in a slush fund? To this point, voted in favor of $40 million in new debt in 2010 and 2011 to take property away from rightful landowners (eminent domain) and sewer downtown Wyandanch at your expense? As reported in Newsday, are in favor of spending $500 million (that is half of $1 billion) on the Wyandanch Rising project? The current administration wants to keep you in the dark. Standard "Freedom of Information" requests are ignored. Town Board meetings are not broadcasted on television or the internet. It was only after Matt Groh exposed the town's abuses and demanded a refund that garbage taxes were reduced. Moreover, to now claim that taxes were "cut" this year is deceptive. Same old Babylon! Since when is paying back money wrongfully taken from you a "tax cut." It is not a "tax cut." It is a "refund!"
Art D - CSA September 30, 2011 at 04:46 PM
As expected, “Bellone Team”members Jacqueline Gordon and Tom Donnelly have joined in the deception! In a full page ad on page 14C of the September 1, 2011 Beacon Shopper, Gordon is quoted as saying, “I am proud to have joined with Steve Bellone to give a tax cut to Babylon families in these tough economic times.” Oh really? Has anyone seen the video footage of the July 12, 2011 town board meeting wherein Gordon admits to having increased town taxes by more than 35% during her first five (5) years on the board? If not, please click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1_FcSClKAM&feature=youtu.be. The Babylon Town Democrat Committee has pledged to “bury” William “Matt” Groh with all of the contributions they have received as a result of more than two (2) decades of town contracts and patronage jobs. With all that money, why do they insist on clinging to the obviously false claim that they “cut” taxes? In addition to the video footage, the campaign website, www.gowithgroh.com, traces the truth about taxes in Babylon, the genesis of the lie, the present fraud, and the 2007 election year fraud. In particular, please pay close attention to the 2007, 2008, and 2009 audit reports by NYS Comptroller Dinapoli.
Tom Gillen September 30, 2011 at 05:21 PM
in other words - no examples.
Tom Gillen September 30, 2011 at 05:22 PM
can you please provide a link to back up these claims?


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