Letter to the Town Board: Ban Hunting on Fort Pond

Jerry Ruschmeyer says while he grew up hunting, he never did so in residential areas and he's worried for the kids who may be playing there.

December 8, 2012


Dear Supervisor Bill Wilkinson and the East Hampton Town Board,

Growing up in Montauk and on Fort Pond was a wonderful experience for me from 1950 to about 1976 that I wouldn't change for anything in the world.  Being able to swim in front of Ruschmeyer's, row my boat to town or to Sharon's Beach, fish in front of Bill's Inn over to Lakeside, and in front of the Railroad turnaround was an incredible op. I wasn't the only kid doing that.  On any given day there were 25-30 kids on that lake in the summer; it was a safe, outdoor environment for us to enjoy. The beauty and peace and quiet are what the residents of Montauk live there for and why most people come to the east end.

Growing up I became an avid outdoorsman. I hunted and fished all over North and South America, and hunted various places around East Hampton and Montauk.  Bob Fisher (Principal of The Montauk School ) taught me and other classmates how to shoot a gun in 7th & 8th grade riffle club in the gym at school, however, never did I hunt or shoot near residential areas. One day I plan to bring my family and grandkids home to Montauk and I couldn't imagine them not feeling as safe as I did!

This past year it has come to my attention that hunting is permitted on Fort Pond.  That is absolutely unacceptable!  The law needs to be changed!   It's extremely dangerous with so many homes, cars and kids on the roads around and near Fort Pond,  let alone the noise at day break from people shooting shotguns!



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Do you want to see the ban, as well? Tell us in the comments below.

Doug Topken December 10, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Gail your response shows not just ignorance but disrespect for others' preferences and chosen pursuits of happiness. Do some research on hunters and hunting associations. Your stereotype no more fits hunters as stereotypes about blonds fit you. You know there are plenty of places where you can enjoy a hike, paddle or swim during the very limited times that hunters are pursuing their passion. To continue, do you know that hunters are among the biggest contributors to wildlife and habitat conservation? Come on, show some respect for others. We can't all be just like you nor do you really want us to be.
tm December 10, 2012 at 06:48 PM
"love hunting or leave"..."hunters are sick animals" isnt it great to see people respect the opinions of others. what a joke.
Doug Topken December 10, 2012 at 06:55 PM
It's no joke, tm. It's the sad reality.
Taylor K. Vecsey December 10, 2012 at 09:39 PM
From East Hampton Patch Facebook, Jerry Ruschmeyer said, "The laws and regulations should be followed to the letter ! But when I parked my car in the east hampton high school parking lot back in 1968 , with a shotgun and a couple boxes of shells laying on the back seat ! It was ok back then ! Not Today ! Lots of the places we hunted back in the day are gone ! We hunted dozens of little ponds all over ! And corn fields ! If it was legal to hunt on Fort Pond back in the day I most likely would not have cause it just wouldn't have felt right ! But today there are to many people and houses around , in my opinion !"
Robert Max Akkala December 17, 2012 at 07:32 AM
Gail Simons how many hunting accidents has there been over the years in East Hampton Town??? NONE!!!!! So how do people think that hunting is bad and should be banned?? If you want to hike or bike during hunting seasons there are many non hunted parks and trails. Such as in Montauk there is Shadmore State Park, and the new trail next to Deep Hallow Ranch. Also there are special days in the week in hunting areas that hunting is closed so that other outdoor activities can take place. Also hunting is a way for most and your mental state of mind is a sickness. So why don't you research the topic before you open your mouth.


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