Residents to Cast Votes on Potential Sound Walls Along Route 347

Area homeowners invited to info session Thursday night, before casting votes on whether to construct sound walls on next phase of the Route 347 project.


Hauppauge and Smithtown homeowners have been given the opportunity to educate themselves on the Route 347 greenway project before casting their votes on its future construction.  

New York State Department of Transportation will be holding an information meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6 for roughly 90 homeowners whose lives will be directly impacted by the next phase of Route 347 construction, from Route 111/Wheeler Road east to Mount Pleasant Road. 

Eileen Peters, spokeswoman for the DOT, said the informational meeting will discuss the potential of building sound barriers along Route 347 as the expansion movies eastward. 

The Route 347 greenway project broke ground in Aug. 2010, as an effort to turn the North Shore artery into Long Island's first greenway. The design is to expand Route 347 to three lanes traveling in each direction, with a shared-use pedestrian and bike lane along the south side to encourage eco-friendly modes of transportation. 

"We do very involved sound studies and noise test analysis, and we identify which homes would be affected by the change in sound level once the project is completed," Peters said. 

In the summer of 2010, Brookside Drive residents were given the opportunity to learn about the Route 347 greenway project at a similar meeting and voted against the installation of sound barriers. 

"What we have found, over the years, is it's very much a personal decision. Some people support the sound walls, others don't," Peters said. 

Residents who attend Thursday night's meeting will be allowed to view conceptual drawings of what the Route 347 expansion will look like if nothing is done, with plantings, and if the sound barriers are constructed. Homeowners will then have until Sept. 26 to mail in their vote. 

The New York State Department of Transportation needs to have all the preliminary conceptual and environmental work completed before moving forward, according to Peters. 

For those unable to make the meeting or were unaware of it, Peters said the full presentation will be made available on the DOT's website within a few days. 

Residents who were impacted by the first phase of construction are welcome to attend the meeting, but will not be given any say or vote on the construction of the sound barriers. 

Nesconset Dude September 09, 2012 at 04:25 AM
@John - Thank you for the common sense, it's sorely needed here in this ocean of shiftless whiners. Sorry, but the level of complaining about any real improvements in the Smithtown area is insane. It's no wonder Long Island has developed such a bad reputation, just had a chat about that last night as a matter of fact. And anyone that claims they do more than 40mph on rt 347 during rush hour in that stop and go is a liar. I travel that road to work, there's just no way. Just another excuse to piss and moan. Perhaps a row of 7-11's would make you folks happy.
Marc September 10, 2012 at 12:16 PM
I would like to agree with Lisa up there. This woman Cindy doesn't get that 347 has become increasingly loud. A big cement wall as a noise barrier and safety is what we need. Guard rails on every side road to intersections is another thing we need. Unless you live along the path of 347 and one of thier side rails, you really don't know how important and what a big issue it really is...really! We also pay tax $'s and would like to live in a somewhat peaceful community...If you lived in th apts, you didn't hear all the ambulances, firetrucks, etc going thru the lights! The fact that their are numerous accidents that are fatal, and can land in your backyard, the noise levels, these are the issues..Safety first is the only thing that should be important wo why not put up a nice big cement wall, and give us a noise barrier and protection all in one? Stop making gardens in which you have to stop traffic to water...that's a waste of tax payers $. The cement walls near Brooksite are beautiful, and would be an asset to the commity. Go Lisa!
Marc September 10, 2012 at 12:20 PM
I agree, stop with the gardens, give side roads along 347 guard rails, and home owners along 347 some peace. we understand the road is now a major artery, but we also pay tax $'s and would like to have some noise barriers and protection. The state has to really reavaluate the situation.
swataz September 11, 2012 at 09:36 PM
I live in one of the developments JUST south and east of Mt. Pleasant. I guess I wasn't part of that group that was made aware of this meeting taking place. Would it kill the DOT to mail something to residents? And as for progress, what a joke. FINISH THE JOB already. 1.3 miles and 2 years. Christ almighty.
Ant October 11, 2012 at 05:25 AM
I'm with ya John. The rest of these fools are just afraid of change. Bravo to NYS dot for the beautiful design and the excellent handling of the involvment. For anyone (directly affected by the project) who was unaware of this meeting or any before it... Get your head out of your az. There is a website dedicated to community Involvment, have been mailings and info signs for over three years. If you are so interested in voicing your opinion on the matter but have been too far up your own butt to get the messages... Why not just pick up the phone and ask dot what is happening in your area!


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