Smithtown Notebook: Incumbents Win Primaries; Town Grants Run Permits

Incumbents take the primaries, up for re-election in November; from September through November, streets throughout the town will be filled with runners as numerous run and parade permits were granted Tuesday.

Creighton, Wehrheim Win Primaries

Robert Creighton, a member of the town council since 2008, and Edward Wehrheim, elected to the town council in 2003, will have a shot at re-election as they won the primary elections.

Creighton received 1,810 votes and Wehrheim received 1,695 votes in Tuesday’s primaries for the Republican nominations, compared to challenger Lawrence Gray’s 331 votes, according to the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

For the Conservative nomination, Creighton received 326 votes and Wehrheim received 298, compared to challenger Daniel Donnelly’s 113 votes, according to the Suffolk County Board of Elections.

Creighton and Wehrheim will face off against Democratic candidates Teresa Haft and Howard Knispel in November.

Parade and Run Permits Approved for September Through November

The town board approved permits for numerous parades and runs at the first September meeting, and the second meeting this month was no different.

Here are the parades and runs granted permits on Thursday:

  • The Resurrection Byzantine Church was granted a permit for a Religious Procession to take place Oct. 1
  • The Nissequogue River State Park Foundation was granted a permit for the annual 5K Thanksgiving Run and 1K Turkey Trot, which will take place Nov. 24
  • The Mt. Pleasant School received a permit for the annual Road Race to take place on Oct. 7. A rain date for the race is set for Oct. 11 or 12
  • Hauppauge Schools received a permit for the annual 5K Fun Run, which will take place on Nov. 5
  • Hauppauge High School was granted a permit for the annual homecoming parade, which is set for Oct. 22
  • Commack High School was granted a permit for their homecoming parade, which is set for Sept. 24

Upcoming Town Meetings

The lone meeting in the upcoming week is the planning board meeting, set for Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the Eugene A. Cannataro Senior Citizen Center.

robert jennings September 21, 2011 at 01:32 PM
Robert Creighton and Edward Wehrheim need to be replaced. They were asleep at the switch when Hurricane Irene devastated; Smithtown, Kings Park, Commack, St. James and Nesconset with down trees, closed roads, street flooding and no electricity. . These old elected officials had NO Plan in place for the hurricane aftermath. Lights were out for 10+ days in The Towns of Smithtown. Homeowners lost hundreds of dollars in food spoilage. Businesses lost millions of dollars in sales over 10 days. The town lost their share of sales tax revenues. Main Street is now an horrible eye sore with so many “closed store fronts”. This is the early stage of blight. Store closings is like cancer disease that’s spreading. If more stores close, Main Street will get uglier and uglier Less people shopping on Main Street mean less sales tax revenue. Less sales tax revenue translates into Higher Property Taxes. Do you want that? For the past -3- years, Robert Creighton and Edward Wehrheim have done NOTHING to attract new business to Main Street. Why change?? Their 4 year vacation is over on election day. It’s time for change; We need new council members, new leadership and new ideas to move Smithtown forward, not backwards with the same old rhetoric. Thank you, Robert Jennings robertjennings60@yahoo.com
Howard Knispel September 22, 2011 at 09:29 PM
Mr. Jennings - I couldn't agree with you more. I happen to be the Democratic, Independence and Working Families candidate opposing Mr Wehrheim and Mr. Creighton. This town operates as if it were a small town. We are a Town of 120,000 people. We have a $99 million budget and a $22 million surplus. Yet we have closed up storefronts downtown and dangerous Main Street. The town response to Irene was absent. We still have uncollected debris, a month after the hurricane. Our town government still has not demanded an explanation from LIPA why we were so long without electricity. We need change at Town Hall. See my website for more info: www.howard4smithtown.com Howard Knispel
lisa costello September 23, 2011 at 12:31 AM
smithtown town govt is a ridiculous joke.
Howard Knispel September 23, 2011 at 02:45 PM
If you check my website you will see my proposals for revitalizing downtown. I have plenty of ideas for bringing business into Smithtown. www.howard4smithtown.com


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