Suffolk Notebook: High-Speed Buses Touted, Film Locations Scouted

County executive hopes bus routes will support economic hubs in Suffolk.

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone continued to push this week for the creation of high-speed bus routes in the county, connecting major employment districts with reliable and speedy public transit.

Bellone, according to a Newsday story, attended a symposium on transportation in Hauppauge to advocate for the lines in places such as Nicholls Road, the Sagtikos Parkway, and Route 110 between Farmingdale and Melville.

The buses would run on bus-only lanes, would use fast payment technologies and even be able to change traffic signals.

Grant Backs DWI Program

Suffolk's program to crack down on drunken driving picked up $180,000 from the state's Traffic Safety Commission this week.

The county's STOP-DWI initiative sets up patrols and checkpoints in the county, and has resulted in many DWI arrests.

“This additional funding will help to ensure safe traverse on Suffolk County roads without additional costs to Suffolk County residents,” Bellone said in a statement.

Bellone Taps Human Rights Commission Leaders

The county executive this week also named two new members to Suffolk's human rights commission, a group set up to consult on issues of discrimination, hate and inequality in the region.

Bonnie M. Cannon will represent the South Fork of the county and Dr. Hafizur Rehman represents Muslims, Bellone said.

Directors Take Suffolk Film Tour

Ahead of this weekend's Hamptons Film Festival, the county's film commission took several directors and movie industry insiders on a bus tour of "film worthy" scenes in the county, hoping to entice them to use these landmarks as filming sites in the future.

Here's where they stopped. Let us know what you think of the locations.

  • Vanderbilt Museum, Centerport
  • Northport Village drive-through
  • Scully Estate, Islip
  • Mansion at Timber Point Country Club
  • Deepwell’s Farm, St. James
  • Three Village Inn, Historic Stony Brook
  • Stony Brook Grist Mill and Avalon Park and Preserve
  • Downtown Port Jefferson
  • Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant
  • Calverton ‘Open House’ Kitchen
  • Historic Riverhead
  • Hallockville Farm Museum
  • Brecknock Hall, Greenport, and Downtown Greenport
  • Sag Harbor
  • Maidstone, East Hampton
Sy Chiotic October 06, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Did they miss our lovely Psychiatric Centers? How could you tool around with a bunch of Big Time Hollywood Di-rectors and not show them our abandoned psych centers.. a bit kooky don't ya think!
Ross R. Caliguri October 07, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Hi Spead Bus routes? Is this a joke? Instead of considering a master plan like a bridge from Port Jefferson or points between Rocky Point and Shorham, Orient Point, or, High Speed LIRR. This moron wastes our time with buses. It is about time all about time and vechlcle congestion. You want to create JOBS Mr. Bellone? wake up and take a good look at the regional problems.
Ranger Sewer October 07, 2012 at 05:19 PM
High Speed Bus ? LOL How fast will they go in traffic?
Nick Metrowsky October 07, 2012 at 06:14 PM
Growing up in Smithtown and have since moved to Colorado, I could not imagine high speed buses in 1974 (when I left) and now in 2012. Back then the roads were clogged, the freeways were parking lots, etc. Roads could not be widened because it would take too many homes and businesses. Over time there were improvements, but urban sprawl continued east to Riverhead. When I left Long Island; Route 112 was where the sprawl stopped. So, instead of improving the LIRR; the state and MTA funneled that revenue into New York City. not to mention town planners who continued to build homes and businesses, which made Long Island an eastern version of the San Fernando Valley. Complete with the high taxes and over priced homes to boot. High speed buses will do nothing but make a bad traffic situation, worse. Shut down 110? 27? 25? Vet's? 347? 112? 25A? Deer Park Ave? They are all text book definitions of grid lock. Feeder roads to Northern State, Southern State and the LIE, all gridlock. I still remember the LILCO debacle, build Shoreham and go bankrupt because they could not move people off of LI fast enough if there were a nuclear emergency. Result, more sprawl, LIPA and the highest utility rates in the country. Maybe people in Suffolk County should rid the county of their so called "leaders" and start anew. Because, for nearly 70 years they have done a very lousy job.
John Bogack October 08, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Sunday bus service before express service is what we need. This is one of the great gaps in helping people get work and keep their jobs. I understand the appeal of express buses but really this is an example of a luxury when there are so many improvements that could be made to the already existing service to make it better. And if you want to speed the bus experience for riders and make them more attractive why not finally, after decades of study and recommendation, coordinate bus with rail service all across the island? Patchogue Village has a lot of infrastructure assets and that includes a rail station and major bus hub. Imagine how it would help increase the attractiveness of the village if there was a true "intermodal hub" where bus service was seven days a week and the bus you took was actually coordinated to a train arriving in the nearby station. It would be a great boost for riders and help job growth in the village also boosting the village's potential for selling rentals and residences for that reason. And as the village's clubs and eateries continue to expand bringing people in by train also helps with parking problems too. Every person arriving by car is one less parking space that is needed and for those who drink a far safer alternative than driving home drunk making our streets just a bit safer too. We need some practical solutions not distractions from the County Executive who is well intentioned but way off track on this idea.


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