Town Council to Crack Down on Run-Down Properties

Town Councilmen Kevin Malloy and Robert Creighton have launched a new project to rid the town of problem-causing run-down buildings.

Ridding the town of run-down buildings is the target of the Town of Smithtown, in a new project spearheaded by Kevin Malloy and Robert Creighton of the town council.

“We’re in the process of taking a look at all of the what I would call blighted properties in the town and trying to do something about them,” Creighton said.

The project, which Creighton said began roughly two weeks ago, has the planning department compiling a list of buildings within the town in poor condition and to find out from the property owners what plans they have with the buildings.

After obtaining the information the town would look into how to solve each issue.

“We’re going to have our planning people first go out and try to contact the property owner and see what their future plans are for those properties – are they going to take these facilities down, are they for sale – and once we ascertain that the we can begin to take whatever action necessary,” said councilman Edward Wehrheim, who is also involved in the project.

Creighton said although no law is currently in place the town council is in discussion with the town attorney to draft a law giving the town permission to take action on the run-down buildings.

“We have to come up with a reasonable solution … that’s what we’re doing, trying to figure out a proper statute,” he said.

Both Creighton and Wehrheim cited two boarded-up homes in Kings Park off of Route 25A in a residential area, at one time under construction but never completed, as examples of run-down buildings the town needs to address.

Creighton also sited the as an example.

Creighton said these buildings create numerous problems for the community.

“They are unsightly … there are [buildings] that are boarded up that were broken in to, we have to have them re-boarded up, they’re an eyesore to the community, for the rest of the neighbors in the area,” he said. “There are buildings which have been boarded up that are just sitting there boarded up, not necessarily broken in to. They certainly create a serious problem for the neighbors whose houses next door are losing value because these houses are sitting there … each one creates a different issue.”

Representatives from the planning department said the list is finished but plans to release the list won’t be made until it is sent to the town board.

Lenore Cernitz May 23, 2011 at 09:42 PM
Have the Councilmen looked out the windows of Town Hall to the unsightly buildings just across the Main St. The three Councilmen sited in this report are all from Kings Park. Nice try on their part....it's a good start but remember there are more neighborhoods in Smithown than Kings Park.
Diane August May 23, 2011 at 09:56 PM
AND.......While the Bavarian Inn IS an eyesore, AND they blocked the parking lot so we can no longer sit & look at the lake or feed the geese, what does it have to do with Smithtown. The Bavarian Inn (or what's left of it) is in Ronkonkoma, NOT Nesconset!
Sean Lehmann May 24, 2011 at 04:18 AM
Hi Lenore. This topic came about because it was being discussed at the Kings Park Civic Association meeting tonight. I don't see how you could imply that Kings Park would be getting any more attention than anywhere else in the town of Smithtown. Have you seen our Main Street? We do not see these same issues in St. James. As a matter of fact, the rough draft includes many structures in Smithtown and Nesconset and only four in Kings Park. St. James has none. Have you seen the list? Kings Park might get headlines in the paper or on websites because we have a very active civic association who is working hard to improve the hamlet. However, like Nesconset, Kings Park has many issues. Probably more than the rest of the hamlets combined. So, if these councilman are giving Kings Park special treatment, why do we have so many issues?
Mark Schmidt May 24, 2011 at 07:24 AM
It's more than ridding the town of run-down buildings that needs to be done. Required minimum maintenance of all properties is needed as it was where I grew up, South Orange NJ.... lawns must be mowed etc. But as much as I love living in Smithtown, I have to agree with the first poster and think we need to really look at Main St. Every time they "re-engineer" the street or put in new sidewalks etc., they fail to put the utility wires underground. Doing that would be a great first step, and would save the trees they plant from being mauled by LIPA when they grow tall enough to interfere with said wires
Dave Adams May 24, 2011 at 10:56 AM
I certainly hope the two eyesore homes as you enter Kings Park from the west on 25A are on the list as well as the steel skeleton of a building at the southern entrance to our Town on Indian Head road are on the list to be addressed.
diane tabone May 24, 2011 at 11:53 AM
Agree with Dave..and also wondered when the wires would be placed underground. Where do we obtain the list of areas in question? Can this be posted on the Patch?
Walter Keenan May 24, 2011 at 01:53 PM
These buildings are an eye sore and something should be done to clean up their appearance. There is no doubt about it. I would like to see the buildings and their properties cleaned up, but I feel creating a safe passage across main street for pedestrians should be a greater concern. The safety of people should take higher priority than a few ugly buildings and properties.
Ronald R. Huetter May 24, 2011 at 02:40 PM
AT the corner of Old Indian Head Road and Indian Head Road in Kings Park there is the steel framework of a building that has been sitting there unfinished for about five years now! And, before the stell framework was erected, there was a foundation hole in the ground for it for eleven years! Why has this situation been allowed to continue? Why hasn't the Smithtown town govenment gone after the property owner to complete the project or have it torn down? Surely, this is a major eyesore the Smithtown Town Council should look into remedying. Ron Huetter
lenore cernitz May 24, 2011 at 02:57 PM
Sean, you shouldn't take my comments personally. The three Councilmen are from KP. The Sup. is from nearby Ft. Salonga. A heavy weight from one side of the Town of Smithtown. The Smithtown neighborhoods I was referring to are Commack, Nesconset, St James, Smithtown proper and KP. and; I have not seen the list as the Councilmen have not made a case for this idea to the public at large, instead they have opened up their cause to the folks in KP. Ergo, I am reminding them to include all of the township of Smithtown. But for your sake, since you have not noticed what is going on in St James, I provide you with some examples: for years an abandoned house in St James on the east side of Lake Ave. south of Woodlawn, Blackbeard's Tavern ( that the Town let happen ): St James, the disaster behind Orlando's: St James, Sider's lumber and continuing on that road the disgusting mess that exists with the closed down car dealerships: St James, Ebo Hill on Edgewood Ave that has been abandoned and boarded up for as long as I can remember: Smithtown proper, and again I must point to the abandoned lumber yard as well as the nearby buildings on Main St. Smithtown, across from Town Hall. Shall I go on; or maybe someone else from Commack or Nesconset wants to contribute? It is good that you are protecting KP and it is good that your immediate community has an active civic assoc. with four representatives on the Town Council: however, don't forget that I have always spoken for all of Smithtown.
pam varone May 24, 2011 at 03:46 PM
everyone has great comments and concerns but i do favor them looking out from the town hall windows and see what is in front of them. for all we pay in taxes, the town of smithtown is a disgrace and no new businesses will come in and help out our town economy if it looks so disgusting. town council needs a major wake up call
robert jennings September 23, 2011 at 02:37 PM
Robert Creighton and Edward Wehrheim need to be replaced. ================================================ They were asleep at the switch when Hurricane Irene devastated; Smithtown, Kings Park, Commack, St. James and Nesconset with down trees, closed roads, street flooding and no electricity. . These old elected officials had NO Plan in place for the hurricane aftermath. Lights were out for 10+ days in The Towns of Smithtown. Homeowners lost hundreds of dollars in food spoilage. Businesses lost millions of dollars in sales over 10 days. The town lost their share of sales tax revenues. Main Street is now an horrible eye sore with so many “closed store fronts”. This is the early stage of blight. Store closings is like cancer disease that’s spreading. If more stores close, Main Street will get uglier and uglier Less people shopping on Main Street mean less sales tax revenue. Less sales tax revenue translates into Higher Property Taxes. Do you want that? For the past -3- years, Robert Creighton and Edward Wehrheim have done NOTHING to attract new business to Main Street. Why change?? Their 4 year vacation is over on election day. It’s time for change; We need new council members, new leadership and new ideas to move Smithtown forward, not backwards with the same old rhetoric. Thank you, Robert Jennings robertjennings60@yahoo.com
susan reid October 10, 2011 at 01:46 AM
Candidate Wehrheim is NOT the best Person to represent Smithtown. Ed Wehrheim Bio: ============== - Never attended a 4 year College / Never attended a Junior College - Has no Advanced Education Degree past High School Ask yourself – What accomplishments has Wehrheim been credited with in the past 8 years – NOTHING Under Edward Wehrheim ( R ) multi term watch; - Main Street has become horribly depressed (no one shops there anymore) - Retail stores are fleeing - increased abandon retail store fronts are spreading like a cancer. Wehrheim can’t hide from his Failed Leadership, Please; drive down Main Street and ask yourself - are your proud of this eye sore? Compared your Main Street to: Near by Huntington Village with a thriving bustling Main Street and few empty stores. Under Edward Wehrheim ( R ) multi term political watch; - Crime has increased and is growing - Including violent robberies and “Heroine Drug Usage” amongst our youth. In addition, -4- residents including a young child have been killed by traffic on Main Street because Wehrheim turns his noise to road traffic safety. What’s wrong with this guy? How did we get stuck with this loser? Edward Wehrheim ( R ) needs to be removed on election day November 8th, .2011 DO NOT VOTE FOR ED WEHRHEIM WEHRHEIM Asleep at the Switch
Carol October 10, 2011 at 10:47 PM
Putting wires underground is a great idea! It would save money & damage during & after storms. It would also put some more people to work.


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