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Town to Blighted Property Owners: Clean Up or Pay Up

Eighteen property owners ordered to correct messy conditions or be billed cleanup costs.

Owners of 18 blighted Town of Huntington properties have been ordered to correct conditions or be billed cleanup costs.

Notices will be sent this month to owners of blighted properties ordering them to correct conditions within 10 days or enter into a restoration agreement with , according to the town.

According to the town officials, nine of the 18 properties are in Huntington Station, four are in Huntington, two are in Dix Hills, with one each in Greenlawn, Northport and East Northport. All received scores of greater than 100 on the blighted property designation checklist after inspections by Town code enforcement officers.

A March 13 public hearing has been approved to consider authorization to correct the messy conditions and apply cleanup costs to the property taxbills of owners.

The Town Board has proposed a code change authorizing Huntington's receiver of taxes authority to levy the costs of the cleanup to the individual owners. Currently, the town assessor is charged with the job.

A public hearing regarding the change is also scheduled for March 13 at Town Hall.

Owners and blighted property locations include:

  • Thomas Emberton, 6 Tracy Dr., Huntington 
  • 135 West Hills Corporation, 135 West Hills Rd., Huntington Station
  • Lauren Sivan, 25 7th Ave. South, Huntington Station
  • Russell Van Deinse, 17 Carman Rd., Dix Hills
  • Brian E. Levenson, 1068 Westminister Ave., Dix Hills
  • Paul Rohrbach, 10 Huntington Rd., Huntington
  • Dominic Esposito/Nadine Nash; 536 3rd St., East Northport
  • Alan Johnson, 53 Southdown Rd., Huntington
  • Young and Sung Ham, 10 Cross Ave., Greenlawn
  • Willard/Laura Lanham, 5 Laura, East Northport
  • Delvis Arevalo/Elsa Bardales Banegas, 114 Columbia St., Huntington Station
  • Broadway NY LLC, 28 Columbia St., Huntington Station
  • Rajiv Sharma Enterprises, Inc., 655 West Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station
  • John Frank Development Corp., 39 8th Ave., Huntington Station
  • New York Equity note, LLC C/O Hubco Incorporations, 69 East 11th St., Huntington Station
  • Louis Jr./Jeanne Avino, 117 East 11th St., Huntington
  • Stephen/Renee Danseglio, 24 Mill Ln., Huntington
  • Heath Greenidge, 37 Evergreen Ave., Huntington Station
Marita Eybergen February 14, 2012 at 02:07 PM
I think there are some pages missing, there are a lot more properties than this list. Must be human error. Just drive by the south side of the train station from East 2nd to Pulaski they probably could fill a page just in that area alone.
Urban February 14, 2012 at 02:39 PM
3 Forest Court??????? http://huntington.patch.com/articles/abandoned-halesite-home-to-be-secured-town-says#c
Rich Jacques February 14, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Forest Court wasn’t on the list of 18 that was on the Town Board agenda at the last meeting.
Urban February 16, 2012 at 12:06 PM
I don't understand why it is not on the top of the blight list. The Town has allegedly spent over $50,000 dollars on 3 Forest Court paper work and a few nails and it only gets worse!!! A bad waste of tax payer dollars with excuses of due proce$$. http://huntington.patch.com/articles/abandoned-halesite-home-to-be-secured-town-says#c
Nomad April 06, 2013 at 10:39 PM
Our house was destroyed by the builders we hired to extend and renovate it. After they destroyed it, none of them took responsibility and they cancelled the contract and walked away from the project leaving my family without a home and our house in total ruins and only the front wall standing. The Town would not let the project continue and deemed it new construction. We couldn't afford to rebuild the house from scratch. We have lost everything! We did not have the funds to clean up the property as it deteriorated over the years. Then Hurricane Sandy knocked the rest of it down. Now the Town of Huntington tacks on $10,000+ to the property taxes to put up a fence on 1 side and push all of the debris back 15 ft or so with a bulldozer. Do you think that is fair? I like the idea of of how the TOH wanted to address blighted properties, but for us its just more salt on old wounds. Our family remains devastated and unable to recover financially. The Town code regarding blighted properties doesn't account for or make any allowances for such a hardship.


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