A Look at Tax Levy Increases: Smithtown Schools Compared to Other Districts

Which nearby school districts are and aren't piercing the tax cap.

The was not alone this year in making some tough budget-related decisions.

In this area of Suffolk County it seems districts are split between staying at or below the tax cap and going above it. Here is a look at where Smithtown stands in comparison to other school districts in Suffolk County.

District Enrollment* Adopted Budget Tax Levy Increase +/- District Cap Three Village 7,378 $178.6 million 4.48% Above cap 10,810 $215.3 million 2.23% Under cap Comsewogue 3,890 $79,114,408
4.5% Above cap Sachem 14,668 $291.4 million 4.2% Above cap Middle Country 11,000 $218,150,026
Above cap 2,678 $62.7 million 1.75%
Below cap Port Jefferson 1,217 $38,076,500 2% At cap 3,024 $64,954,995 2.61% At cap Mt. Sinai 2,800 $55,364,115 4.78%
Above cap 3,523 $71,574,012 3.2%
Above cap 7,509 $171 million
2.6% Under cap 4,000 $98.6 million 2.9%
Under cap 3,923 $80,832,817 2.49 Under cap

*Based on 2010-2011 data from New York State Report Cards.

dude April 24, 2012 at 10:07 PM
What's the difference between 'below cap' and 'under cap' ?
Robert April 24, 2012 at 11:19 PM
The tax cap has a formula that computes each community's potential tax levy. The formula excludes some costs that are outside of the district's control, such as pension costs. Once the true tax cap is determined a community can either pass a levy at or below the tax cap OR they can go above that computed levy, known as piercing the cap. If you pierce the tax cap, then you need to get a 60% supermajority to pass the budget. There is controversy over the 60% supermajority clause, because for many it smacks of being inherently undemocratic.


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