Superintendent: Mills Pond Feeder Patterns Not Changed

St. James parents to be offered a choice during transition period until 2015.

Mills Pond Elementary School (Patch File Photo).
Mills Pond Elementary School (Patch File Photo).
St. James parents can rest reassured that Smithtown Central School District will not be changing the elementary-to-middle school patterns for next fall. 

Smithtown Interim Superintendent Judith Elias said parents of current Mills Pond fifth-grade students who live in the area south of Woodlawn Avenue and north of Middle Country Road will have the choice to attend either Nesaquake Middle School or Great Hollow Middle School starting in September 2014. 

This decision keeps in accordance with a resolution passed by Smithtown Board of Education on April 10, 2012, according to Elias.

After Nesconset Elementary School was closed in June 2012 in efforts to save roughly $1 million per year, the district changed its elementary and middle school feeder patterns. Effective as of September 2012, Mills Ponds students were shifted from stepping up into Nesaquake Middle School to attending Great Hollow Middle School. 

However, a two-year transitional period was created for parents of students in the area area south of Woodlawn Avenue and north of Middle Country Road. 

"The Board of Education permitted such a transition because they were sensitive to parental concerns and changes to school attendance area. The majority of students who attend Mills Pond Elementary go to Great Hollow Middle School," Elias said. 

This is the last year that Mills Pond parents will have a choice. 

"Some parents chose to take advantage of this transitional overture for their children and now want their younger siblings to follow them into the same middle school. The resolution makes it perfectly clear what the parameters and time frame accommodations would be allowed," Elias said in a statement. 

The April 10, 2012 resolution reads, "Mills Pond fifth graders in 2015 will attend Great Hollow Middle School, as will all subsequent graduating classes.”

The superintendent said there was no particular discussion about any further changes to feeder patterns between the elementary schools and middle schools at the  Instructional Services/Housing Committee meeting held on Jan. 9. 

District officials also discussed that there will be no changes for September 2015, Elias said. 

EPG January 14, 2014 at 07:22 AM
Thank God! I was sweating this one out!
Harry January 14, 2014 at 08:25 AM
Believe it when you see it.
Hasyayoga January 18, 2014 at 11:32 AM
What if our new Super does not agree?


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