Meredith Colby Procell
If you're a singer on the north shore (pop, rock, jazz, or music theater) and you want MORE:
vocal strength vocal range vocal stamina, or vocal confidence then the person you contact is Meredith Procell. A seasoned professional singer herself, Meredith has been teaching singers for 24 years.  "I say I'm ambitiously lazy," says Meredith of her methods, "I want to see great results fast. And with experience as well as the influence of great teachers, I've developed a way to do just that".  Meredith loves teaching, and loves people at every age they come.  She's taught music theater classes to children through StageCoach Int'l and Wee Play Music Theater, as well as performance classes to adults through The Center For Voice in Chicago.  Throughout her teaching and singing career, though, the continuing thread has been private voice lessons and vocal development for adults.  "I love all the learning - for both myself and my students - as we apply my methods and witness the results.  I also love being a 'safe haven' for people who are stretching personally. The opportunity to encourage and enrich people every day is the greatest gift I can imagine, and i have it"!
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