Post Road Pumpkin, Greenport Harbor's Leaf Pile Among Local Fall Beer Favorites

Your neighbors provide a list of their favorite local brews as the fall beer season rolls on.

As we pass into November, we’re still firmly into fall beer season, and local breweries are continuing to produce fall ales, pumpkin spice beers and Oktoberfest-inspired brews.

We asked our readers: Is pumpkin ale season over? If not, tell us what your favorite local fall beer is. Here are some of the responses we got:

Joe Interlandi: Greenport Harbor Brewery's Leaf Pile

Keith Zizis: Post Rd Pumpkin as can usually get it till Thanksgiving

Joey Monock: Blue Point!!

Dan Durante: Pumpkin Ale Season is over after Thanksgiving in my opinion. John Harvard's Brewery in Lake Grove - Pumpkin Spice

James Simmons: Great South Bay Blood Orange Ale

Kate Shreck: Blue Point pumpkin is the BEST!

Bob Abbatecola: Oyster Bay Brewing Co. In OB village. Prefer the IPA and Pale Ale.

So we have to ask: When it comes to the local beer, do you have a favorite? We’d like to know.

Are you still in fall-beer mode, delighted by spicy pumpkin ales, or is IPA your year-long favorite? Is Sixpoint your go-to, or is Port Jeff Brewing what fills your growler?

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Bottoms up.


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