PHOTOS: Bowling Alley Shored Up After Collapse

No sight of major construction at the destroyed AMF Smithtown Lanes.

There's not much rubble left at the collapsed AMF Smithtown Lanes. Workers have cleared away much of the debris, removed the lanes and equipment on the side of the collapse and have sealed up the opening to the other side not destroyed when heavy snow from February's blizzard crushed half of the local landmark.

AMF has already pledged to rebuild the lanes.

In the meantime, we're curious what locals would like to see added to the local lanes when they are eventually rebuilt. In Coram Country Lanes, bumpers can be programmed so they rise and fall depending upon which player's turn it is.

Meanwhile, AMF Centereach Lanes offers a glow-in-the dark option where the lanes are lit by neon and blacklights.

Then there is always 300 in Melville, which mixes bowling with a night club atmosphere.

Let us know in the comments.

A Concerned Resident April 12, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Would love to see them rebuilt, lots of really great memories there for me as a child and also my children. No doubt waiting for insurance money to come in.


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