This House Could Be Yours [Empty in Smithtown]

Realtor says decrepit house adjacent to crumbling lumber yard is part of the package that's for sale.

Last week we pointed to a splintering lumber yard in St. James that listing company Atlantic Property Services is trying to sell in the area. The result was a few .

But Atlantic representative Jim Dunn is trying to sell it as a package deal, which includes a run-down house next to the lumber yard.

The former home is badly weathered, has many missing windows and has been vandalized, making it one of the areas more unsightly eyesores.

So while the community waits for a buyer, we'd like to know what ideas are out there for sprucing up these places that are rotting along the thoroughfares.

Let us know.

Missed an earlier installment? Visit our Empty in Smithtown topic page and .


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