Smithtown Block by Block: Where are the Residential Mortgages, Expensive Rentals, Government Workers?

Taking brush strokes of data to create a picture of Smithtown.

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Map: What Part of Smithtown Has the Most Homes with Mortgages?

As interest rates continue to rise, fewer and fewer people are applying for mortgages. In fact, the average number of mortgage applications fell 7 percent according to last week's report.

But those who did apply might find getting approved not an easy process. For most banks, the standards on lending for residential mortgages have not changed since the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Map: What Part of Town Is Paying 'Too Much' for Rent?

The map above shows a snapshot of the percentage of people across town who spent 35 percent or more of their income on rent.

A popular rule of thumb is to devote around 25 or 30 percent of pre-tax income for rent. (Individual circumstances are inevitably more complex than rules of thumb, of course.) 

Map: What Section of Town Has the Most Government Workers?

The map above shows a snapshot across town of the percentage of people working for the government.

Government workers' sense of job satisfaction is at its lowest point since 2010, according to a recently released survey.


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