Crime Report: Latest Local Arrests in Smithtown

A blotter of the latest arrests and incidents in the Fourth Precinct.

Suffolk County Police Department Fourth Precinct reported these arrests and incidents in Smithtown during Oct. 22 – 28: 

Claudia Desouza, 23, of Newark was arrested Oct. 26 on prostitution charges.  It is unknown where Desouza was arrested.     

DanaMarie Greco, 18, of Smithtown was arrested Oct. 23 on marijuana charges.  Reports state Greco was smoking marijuana in public.   

Kristian Chirelli, 20, of Smithtown was arrested Oct. 22 for possession of a hypodermic instrument. Reports state that an officer found a syringe on the driver seat of her Honda Accord, in addition to finding marijuana.

Wayne Drinkwine, 20, of Saint James was arrested Oct. 22 for criminal possession of a controlled substance, and loitering. Reports state that Drinkwine also had possession of heroin, syringe, and possession of suboxone.

None of the defendants have been convicted of a crime, but were arrested for the charges listed above. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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