Jackie Licurse
First, I'm a proud mother of the greatest young woman I know, Jordan! She's the wind beneath my wings. I wouldn't have made the changes in my life I have nor in such a positive way if I hadn't had the opportunity to know her.
Second, I'm also very proud to be a Personal Finance Coach working with some of the best friends and leaders in the world! These are people who help me stay focused on my purpose on the planet. Third, I'm really just happy to be! I love that I am a little geeky, a little lovable, love to laugh and would stop my life to pet a dachshund or examine a flower. There are so many reasons to have happiness and share it with everyone around me. I've been a Personal Financial Coach for seven years, a mom for over 20 and, basically, my own unique work-in-progress for a while but not really (it's all relative to something!) I've gone from having a happy family with husband and family and a house where I enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom, gardener, PTA mom, class mom and Girl Scout Troop leader to being a divorced, single parent with no money. I lost my house, my car but not me! So, I had to learn the rules of money to change my life to have the life it should be. Now I have learned the rules, I pay it forward by teaching others how money works. Teaching is something I do pretty well even though I never made a career decision to be one. I have the chance in my business to use all of my talents for nurturing, teaching, and advising in helping people to identify areas in which they would like to improve their future. What can be more satisfying to a gardener than seeing the seeds take root and grow into beautiful flowers?
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