JWG's Done and Not Begun February 5-8, 2011

Wherein JWG and René get good news from Hauppauge and say Aloha to Henry and Wilber.

Maspalomas  February 5, 2011  8:20 a.m. GMT

When we were having our garlic soup, roasted lamb, and lamb liver at Meson del Condero last night while dining with Wilber and Henry we heard more stories of serving [dinners] in England. We proceeded to The Yumbo for coffee, watched a busker who mimics people who walk by, a couple of acrobats, then, strolled about The Yumbo, ourselves part of the throng. Henry wished for a bit of entertainment. We ended at Sparkles for the drag show which was better than I expected. Entertaining. Cheap. Cheerful. We were home by one. René just woke up and said, “I have a hangover.” No more ginger ale for René! I gave him Tylenol and fruit juice and told him to sleep it off. He is. 

Meson del Condero was an excellent restaurant that was recommended by Pat and Tommy who are two Swedish fellows who left us  yesterday. Before they left, I sat at The Bistro with them and had a cup of coffee. There are certainly many nice people in this World. 

In the sun, yesterday, I became so hot I had take a couple of dips in the cool pool. The “cool pool” is as cool as Nubanusit [a lake in Hancock, New Hampshire] and instantly made me comfortable.

Dad Meyer, although still in ICU, seems to have both a better attitude and appetite. 

Now, I, once again, will go sit in the sunshine and begin another Happy Day.


Maspalomas  February 6, 2011  7:38 a.m. GMT

I was just asked by the Spanish-speaking Woman who has just arrived to begin her workday why I am sitting alone in these early hours by the pool. Although, and I do try to communicate, it seems I am alone, I am not. I have my writing and my book to read. (Today’s book is Rupert Smith’s A Man’s World. A quick read.) 

Anyway, I told this Woman who cleans René’s and my bungalow, thrice a week, that yesterday I finished a book of poetry that I was writing — JWG’s Miniscule Past. Now, I will have time to read. And I will read. Also, today, I have already begun the next volume of poetry. Writing one poem a day seems, seemed, and will seem a simple lark after my desire to finish a volume here in The Canary Islands. Yes, another volume of scribbles to be placed on the Zwerglipatch Cottage’s shelves. These volumes do accumulate. Wilber asked me if I am going to publish. My answer was a quick, “No!” Well, perhaps, oh, perhaps, I don’t know. Preparing manuscripts will take longer than the scribbling. 

Good news from Hauppauge: Dad Meyer was moved into a private hospital room and may go home in a couple of days.

All is well in Hancock, New Hampshire. Daddy [Garand] is doing much better, too.

A barrel-chested heron-type bird just slowly flew overhead. Yesterday, when René and I were at the Mirador having coffee with Wilber, we watched a flock of parrots cavorting. 

Wilber, himself, chats as much as a parrot and entertains us with his cavorting. He told us that he just found out that he was born with “half a voice box”. I think he was mistaken. He talks and talks and talks. His voice tends to get raspy. Perhaps, his voice box is half-sized. No matter. Again, all this makes Happy Days. 


Maspalomas  February 7, 2011  9:02 a.m. GMT

Yesterday, (always, yesterday), René and I walked to the Flea Market at Faro2 where we saw the usual array of junk that the vendors strew out on blankets. needless to say, looking at the many potential customers was much more interesting.

The store we go to there was busy, so, we went, once again, to take out more money. The machine was not working. So, we took a walk.

The walk brought us to a cul-de-sac of many rotaries of houses. One could have easily felt trapped.

We meandered through an allée of Cycads to a park which led us to the foot of The Botanical Garden.

We went up the hill to The Yumbo for our money. And, we found the Subway store and had a sub for lunch and a new “crisp” [potato chip] flavored ‘prawn flavour’. [It was a good lunch.]

We were exhausted when we came home. We went to see Wilber and Henry for a chat. And, we also went to dinner with them at that place at Faro2 whose name always escapes me. But, when we left, we didn’t see the waiter to say “Adios”, so, we were surprised when he, himself, came running out to say farewell.

Coffee and, for me, ice cream (mint chocolate chip, Greek yogurt honey, and raspberry sherbet) ended our day at the Villas Blancas Bistro.

As another day begins, I feel no pressure. This vacation has been successful in bringing rest and happiness and satisfaction. Watching birds gather nesting material is entertainment.


Maspalomas  February 8, 2011  3:22 p.m. GMT

Rupert Smith’s A Man’s World was placed in the Villas Blancas library for others to read. I found it to be two stories each told by a different character, but, each character sounded alike which made this novel, for me, unbelievable. I can see how its portrayal of history could benefit some people. I can’t say that I would recommend it.

René and I went on a walk today to the edge of the dunes and the Faro on an excursion to take some pictures and video. We find this island to be atmospheric — not photogenic. There are a few more places that I wish to go to, however, to get some concrete memories. A large bit of me is glad that I’m not going overboard taking photos and video because I am behind on my editing. Again, René and I are happy to be in a place where the weather is agreeable and the people pleasant.

Yesterday, Wilber and Henry left for their home in Great Britain. We gave them our best Aloha. We do miss them. They, themselves, were sad to leave. Henry, especially, likes it here. He enjoys being “himself”. We, too, are finding it very nice to be ourselves. Right now, I’m sitting in the shade under the cycad that grows outside of our bungalow. René is working at the computer on the patio.

Gee, when I sat down at this book I was set to scribble. But, I’m tired. I think I’ll wait. This day is too nice to have my nose in a book — well, writing. Reading is another thing. I don’t have to think when I read. I have to just sit and enjoy the entertainment.

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