JWG's Done and Not Begun March 1-6, 2011

Wherein JWG witnesses gardens awakening and elders breaking. Life is one big season.

Bunny! Bunny! Zwerglipatch  March 1, 2011  11:52 p.m.

Although I wrote “Bunny! Bunny!” at five-thirty this morning, I had to go back to bed. I slept for another two hours. Then, business.

It is a crisp, late-Winter day. I yearn for warmth. I yearn to not think. I wish to gaze at Nature.

The first Crocus ‘Snowbunting’ is open. The front lawn is sprinkled with color from other blooming Crocuses. With Spring around the corner, well, what’s to say? Silence can be therapeutic. I shall now be quiet. Pondering takes effort. I have pondered quite enough by not pondering today.


Zwerglipatch  March 2, 2011  9:02 a.m.

As I was sitting in our library having breakfast, I looked out of the window at the March Winds moving the Spruce’s branches. The undulation beckoned me to go out and sit in the sunshine. I declined the offer.

In a few minutes, I don’t know. This is absolutely silly to be not able to state what will be. No, I am not at all a clairvoyant. I do wish to plan and act on those plans made what, for me, seems eons ago. I wish to move on to a new realm. A realm that is mobile, happy, and full of the New. Hmm, I shall have to ponder what could possibly be a “new realm”.


Zwerglipatch  March 3, 2011  7:07 a.m.

I am slow-moving with a racing mind. Yes, my thoughts rev and whir and chug and backfire. I can’t believe I have nearly seventy pages of scribbling in this book and I have not even started it. Only I can know the sense of that statement.

Today is very cold outside. A day to stay in and putter and read and scribble. Oh, I do have a desire to nibble, too. Nibbling can be a real joy.


Zwerglipatch  March 4, 2011  11:01 a.m.

The news from Hancock: Mommy [Garand} said there is no real news. The cable man had come to install a new box so that Daddy [Garand] could watch the National Geographic station on television. When Mommy and Daddy saw the size of the new cable box, and the list of the “new” stations, they said, “No, thank you. We have enough to watch.” And, that was that.

Today is a cold Spring day. Gee, I did think I knew what was happening here at Zwerglipatch Cottage today. As ever, plans change. There has to be a way of doing. I am exploring. Boxes and Gardens yield things to be done. When warm days are the norm, so will my activity be more fruitful. Gee — another “gee” — this implies my days, as of this moment, are not “fruitful”. Nothing could further be from the truth. Every day has something; no matter how I feel. Trust me. My list, when I check something off, has a few “things” added. I shall, and can, never be bored.


Zwerglipatch  March 5, 2011  6:59 a.m.

Under a slate-colored sky, birds sing of Spring. I expect to see the actions of nest-building any day. The Chickadees were looking at their box. The Mockingbird has been staking out its territory. The Cardinals are still with us. The next few days will be off-and-on rainy days. As ever, at this time of year, gardening has to be taken slowly. Frosts will still occur. Raking away the Autumn leaves that have been protecting bulbs and roots will take a few days. A few sunny, warm days. I do like Spring!

René and I have muddled our seasonal calendar. On this planet, one can always travel, or escape, to, and from, any season. Currently, we have been doing that. Our “Winter” season has been shortened. Spring has been extended. Summer is constant. Autumn is never long enough. As days grow longer, the urge to travel grows stronger. Travelling is not the action we like best. Living in new environments is the treat. One has to endure travelling to be treated. That has always been the case. Fortunately, for us, these days of jets is certainly better than boats. Being whisked around this globe has never been easier, nor more of a hassle.

As Winter winds down, I look out the window at gardens that require tending. Seasons need attention. I must be attentive.


Zwerglipatch  March 6, 2011  8:03 a.m.

Out on the patio, after being in, for me, the hot kitchen making “healthy” carrot cake muffins (a recipe René got from The New York Times yesterday), I am liking this practically balmy, breezy, overcast morning. Rain is on the way. Birds are preparing for a stormy day.

While I was baking, Mom Meyer came into the kitchen shaking her head. Dad Meyer is wearing her down. When asked, she admitted to getting little sleep. Dad is a conundrum. No one understands why his fears are overtaking his health. Mom Meyer says she does yell at him “to help himself”. He doesn’t hear her. He cries. He apologizes for being a burden. Mom asked me, “What can I do?” I do wish I had an answer for her. The only thing I could do was give her a strong, lingering hug. Dad Meyer’s attitude is a bit of a surprise to us all.

Thank goodness I, myself, have my health enough to sit here knowing that any work I have is not pressing today. Today is Sunday. Sundays have always been a day to putter and ponder. Any work done on a Sunday is a bonus. Sundays are a fun day.

In the Zwerglipatch Gardens, the Eranthis bloomed. Lilac Crocus are now blooming in the lawn at the edge of the Cottage Garden. And, in the Victorian Bed, Johnny Jump-ups are now in bloom, too. With such color popping up out of the ground all around me, why wouldn’t I be happy? Spring is dressing the Gardens.

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