JWG's Necessity April, 2, 3, & 10, 2012

Wherein JWG extols Rainbows and Judy Garland.

JWG's Necessity (new thoughts churned by John William Garand)

Zwerglipatch  April 2, 2012  4:25 p.m. EST

Necessity has no boundaries.
Necessity has no limitations.
Necessity has no weaknesses.

Today, I find it necessary to emote silently on these pages. My emotions are raw. My emotions have simmered too long. My emotional, quiet reserve has practically evaporated. The day has arrived to replenish my inner voice. My silence is on the cusp of boiling until its steam permeates walls which have been placed to imprison minds with bars of fear, ignorance, and lies.

Fear is ultimately weak. Ignorance is dissipated with education. Lies are told with a blatant disregard of feelings.

Feelings. My feelings have been hurt by many. I expect it will never change which brings me to write these words today. My Hope had evaporated until I realized that by placing on paper these thoughts that have festered for too many decades may release my personal volcanic steam. My steam is not destructive. It is an elixir. It is a necessity. My steam empowers my vocal engine. I am ready to blow Hope’s horn.


Zwerglipatch  April 3, 2012  6:15 a.m. EST

This morning’s sunrise embraces all the colors of the Rainbow. I sit under its welcoming arc. The birds are singing.

Rainbows elicit the memory of Judy Garland. We shall be hearing a great deal about this woman in the coming months. If Judy had lived, she would celebrate her ninetieth birthday this coming June. On Broadway, a show about her has opened. It paints a portrait of a very disturbed woman. Many people dislike seeing, and knowing, the, well, ugly side of a person’s being. We, all of us, have such a side hidden in us. Judy did not hide. That singular difference has made her an icon. She ran into the public’s face. On her good days, and she did have many, she gave her own self and its talents with the soul we all wished to have ourselves. Her laser energy was ahead of its time and could not be checked. It is a pity as I am sure there were, and, perhaps, still are, many Judy Garlands who could use guidance and love as companions on this road of Life.


Zwerglipatch  April 10, 2012  6:39 a.m.

Information gathered creates self-made reality. Inherently, this process is ongoing. It cannot be avoided. Mutability has to be accepted. These changes can be inspiring.

When one awakens, a new day beckons. Days may begin in nights. The relative term, day, has been concocted to create blocks, or rather, segments pushing us from moment to moment. We cannot ignore days. We try to exist as if we had all the moments entwined in a single day. If Life were a day, with each year becoming an hour, or a minute, our concepts would alter the status quo. We would be even more confused. We like to have our days in neat lines. Breaking out of the linear habits we have learned is not at all easy. Those who do not Follow the information another knows are considered eccentric. They who cannot acknowledge new information are, in my mind, stuck in reality’s mire. Inspiration is a pool in which we must swim, or wade, to refresh our tired reality. We sleep to dream. Dreaming, too, inspires us to new perceptions. Our days are filled with real dreams to inform us that reality has no limits.

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